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Case 3

Date: 5 March 1958

Place: Parga, a town on the Ionian Sea

Description: The residents of Parga reported the appearance of an unidentified object of black colour moving with great speed on the surface of the sea without emitting any noise.

Source: Vima (newspaper), 6.3.1958, (March 6, 1958.)

This reference: E-mail from Turkish researcher Sefer Murat Aksoy. Greek USO cases from Greek researcher, Thanassis Vembos, Website: http://www.vembos.gr. With thanks to both of the gentlemen mentioned above.


Europe - Greece

Parga Latitude 39-17 N, Longitude 20-23 E (D-M)

Ionian Sea Latitude 39-00 N, Longitude 19-00 E

This reference - Greece Gazetteer prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1955


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