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On the 23 of March [1957] Luis Petriera, an agriculturist of Puertot (sic Puerto) Escondido in the Maracaibo district, in company of others, saw an object plunge into a lake flying low in its vicinity. The Prefect of The Boliver District and other functionaries were notified, and all [planes] were accounted for; the area where the object entered the water was dragged but nothing was found. The witnesses still maintain, however, that a flying object did dive into Lake Maracaibo.

This reference: APRO Bulletin, July 1957, p. 10. With thanks to Michael Strainic for forwarding this to me.-CF-


Another Venezuelan incident took place on the 23rd of March, 1957, when Luis Petriera, in the company of several others, watched a glowing object plunge into Maracaibo Lake. The object appeared so suddenly that there was no time to call any more witnesses to the scene. However, the testimony of Petriera and his friends was so vivid that authorities decided to drag the lake. Nothing was found of course.

These last two incidents [See: 07-08-1957.-CF-] admittedly could have involved meteors, but the speed of the fall would seem to preclude this explanation.

This reference: UFOs Over the Americas by Jim and Coral Lorenzen, p. 51, 1968

UFOCAT PRN - 56815

UFOCAT URN NONE APRO Bulletin, July 1957, pp. 10

UFOCAT URN 56815 UFOs Over the Americas by Jim and Coral Lorenzen, p. 51, 1968

UFOCAT URN 27945 Pablo Petrowitsch investigation files, no date of publication

South America Venezuela, Zulia

Puerto Escondido Latitude 10-30-42 N, Longitude 71-29-13 W (D-M-S)

Lake Maracaibo Latitude 09-50-00 N, Longitude 71-20-00 W [Lago de Maracaibo]

Reference: http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/index.html

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 10.00 N, Longitude 71.5 W (D.%)


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