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I must precede the text of this case with an explanation of why two dates, 1956 & 1959, are both the same case. In the two texts below it will be seen that in both cases, a Swedish ship on the same month and day radioed the same city at almost the same time but in different years. Too much of a coincidence? I believe so. It is more likely that a typo – turning the 6 in 1956 to a 9 in 1959 - is the cause of this error. –CF- 

(Partial text, from article on 10-31-63)

       The only similar incident we have logged in APRO files is the incident which took place off the coast of Venezuela on the 13th of December 1956. A Swedish ship wired the harbor control at La Guaira saying that a strange, cone-shaped object was falling vertically into the sea, that it was very brilliant and gave off "strange glares." The time was 9:50 p. m. and the object was seen by the captain and several of the crew. When the object hit the water, an explosion was heard, then the sea where the object fell became brilliantly colored. After the colors subsided, the sea became very disturbed with a "boiling motion," which continued for some time.

       It is not known whether or not the object was in trouble in this incident, but there is a similarity between the foregoing sighting and the disc which fell into the Peropava River.    

This reference: The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, January 1964, p.2

Original reference: THE A.P.R.O. Bulletin, January 1957, p. 6  

ALSO – Date error (Typo) 12-13-1959, included because of addition information.    

       The waters of South America have been particularly well-populated with strange submarine objects. On December I3, 1959, the Swedish ship Dorthemaersk radioed La Guaira, Venezuela, the following message:

       "We have just seen a strange craft descending from [the] sky giving off strange flares. Shaped like a cone, very brilliant."

       The position given was north of Orchila Island. Karl Lars Dersson, while walking on deck, was the first to see the object and called it to the attention of the crew, which also observed it. As the object neared the surface, it became even brighter; there was a very loud concussion as the craft entered the water. After the object submerged, the surface of the sea became brilliant with many colors and very turbulent at that spot.                                                                                          

This reference: UFOs Over the Americas by  Jim & Coral Lorenzen, pp. 50-51, İ1968

UFOCAT PRN – 89862 [DOS: 12-13-1956]

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UFOCAT URN – 027639 Computerized Catalog (N=3173), #0989 by L. Schoenherr, no İ date

UFOCAT PRN 56814 [DOS: 12-13-1959]

UFOCAT URN – 152040 APRO Bulletin, January 1957 – One must of course ask how one writes of a case in 1957 that occurs in 1959.-CF-     

UFOCAT PRN 56814 [DOS: 12-13-1959 (6 inverted to 9)-CF-]

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                                        İ 1989

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                                        no İ date   

South America - Venezuela

La Guaira                     Latitude 10-36 N, Longitude 66-56 W (D-M)

La Orchila Island          See below.

Reference: Venezuela Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., August 1961.       

The island of La Orchila is located approximately 50 km east of the Los Roques Archipelago and 160 km northwest of Caracas. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 11° 47' to 11° 55' North latitude and 66° 05' to 66° 12' West longitude. It consists of a large island of triangular form with a maximum diameter of approximately 9 km; at its northeastern end there are a number of small islands of reef origin.-CF-

Reference: http://www.pdv.com/lexico/excursio/exc-72i.htm

UFO Location (UFOCAT)           Latitude 10.63 N, Longitude 66.94 W (D.%) [URNs 089862, 073295,

                                                and 027639]

UFO Location (UFOCAT)           Latitude 12.00 N, Longitude 66.58 W (D.%) [URNs 152040, 56814

                                                and 119663]   


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