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A. PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD. ATIC Form 329 (Rev 26 Sep 52)

01. Date: 10 May 1972

02. Location: Cyprus

03. Date Time Group: Local 2030, GMT 10/1830Z

04. Type of Observation: Ground visual

05. Photos: No

06. Source: Group of people including British scientist.

07. Length of Observation: -Blank-

08. Number of Objects: 1

09. Course: -Blank-

10. Brief summary of sighting: “Luminous” color. Circular shaped.

11. Comments: Object rose sharply from level of the sea. It appeared to wave back and forth

before fading out of sight directly overhead.

12. Conclusions: Insufficient data for evaluation.       

B. Air Force Form – Some headings unreadable

Subject: Unidentified Flying Object over Paphos, Cyprus

????: Intelligence Division, Hq MATS, Andrews AF Base, Washington 25, D.C.

Date of Report: 4 June 1952

Date of Information: 10 May 1952

Evaluation: B-2

Prepared by officer: Charles J. Powley, Captain, USAF

????: Group of persons including British scientist


       The following information was extracted from the semi-monthly Intelligence Report #9 dated 15 May 1952, prepared by the MATS Liaison Officer, 1603-2 ATW Detachment, Atlantic Division, MATS, Nicosia, Cyprus.          

       At approximately 2030 hours on 10 May, in the city of Paphos, southwest Cyprus, a group of persons, including a noted British scientist, sighted an unidentified object which appeared to rise sharply from the level of the sea and disappeared into the sky. The object appeared to the observers to be of a circular shape and emitted a luminous light. It appeared to waver back and forth for a brief interval before fading out of sight directly overhead. At the time of the incident, the sky was clear and there was no air traffic in the vicinity of Cyprus.       


(Signature)                                                      (Signature – J.L. Loomis, Lt. Col. USAF, For:)

CHARLES J. POWLEY                                        WILLIAM L. TRAVIS

Captain, USAF                                                  Colonel, USAF

                                                                        Chief, Intelligence Division                              

This reference: USAF Blue Book documents.

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UFOCAT PRN – 52317

UFOCAT URN – 52317 (USAF) Blue Book files counted in official statistics       

Europe - Cyprus. Body of water is the Mediterranean

Paphos – Latitude 34-46-00 N, Longitude 32-25-00 E (D-M)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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