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       As with UFOs, our mysterious submarines have a history going back more than forty years. A group of fishermen in Morecambe Bay, England, reported one such oddity in March, 1938. "I saw a sudden scurry of seabirds rise off the water," witness William Baxter told the Liverpool Echo (March 29, 1938), "and I looked at a spot nearly a mile away. Out of the water there rose something large and black, like a big post. It was at least eight or nine feet high, and it rose and fell three times, then disappeared. I've been all over the world, but I have never seen anything like this!"                                                                                                                                          

This reference: “Ocean Based UFO’s Ring the U.S.” by John Keel, Male Magazine, p. 48, November 1970.

Original reference: The Liverpool Echo, dated March 29, 1938.   

UFOCAT PRN – 76277 [DOS: 03-29-1938] Based on newspaper publication date? –CF-

UFOCAT URN – NONE  Ocean Based UFO’s Ring the U.S. by John Keel, Male Magazine, p. 48,

                                       November 1970,

UFOCAT URN – 76277 UFO Nachtrichten, August 1972           

Europe – United Kingdom, England

Morecambe Bay – Latitude 54-07 N, Longitude 3-00 W (D-M)

Reference: United Kingdom Gazetteer, prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1950      

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 54.07 N, Longitude 2.88 W (D.%)    


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