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Collision of Nuclear Vessel Causes Some Damage  

       PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Oct 6 (AP) – The nuclear-powered submarine Seadragon hit a whale during a test run last night.

       The Seadragon, second nuclear submarine built at the naval shipyard here, left yesterday for four days of builders’ sea trials. The boat came back to port today with a report that she struck a whale while running on the surface last night.

       Some damage was reported to a propeller and shaft.

       Aboard the submarine in charge of the test was Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. The Seadragon’s skipper is Lieut. Comdr. George P. Steele.                                                          

This reference: The New York Times, Oct 07, 1959, p. 84, c. 1


UFOCAT URN – NONE The New York Times, Oct 07, 1959, p. 84, c. 1

UFOCAT URN – 141797 A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George Eberhart, #0994, © 1980

   UFOCAT Text: USO - Unidentified submerged object, detected from submarine

                            SSN Seadragon.       

UFO Location (UFOCAT): Latitude 43.05 N, Longitude 70.78 W (D.%)

                                        [Based on Portsmouth, N.H.]          

Note: Nowhere in the account is “unknown” or “mysterious” invoked. It is simply mentioned that the sub had “struck a whale.” Therefore, I do not feel that this really should be given any further consideration – barring more information from Mr. Eberhart’s account.



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