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Navy Vessels From Newport Hunt ‘Contacts’ Off Coast      

       NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) A huge concentration of Navy vessels including the anti-submarine carrier Leyte today were reported hunting “unidentified contacts” along the Atlantic Coast.

       Navy officials here said Escort Squadron 10, which ordinarily has eight destroyers, has been taking part in the sea search since Tuesday. The Leyte and other craft from Norfolk, Va., joined the search about the same time.         

‘Standard Procedure’

       A statement from Navy headquarters in Washington Thursday night said vessels “sailed from East Coast ports to investigate a reported contact in the Atlantic. It is a standard procedure to investigate such reports from any source.”

       The Navy declined further comment as did the Pentagon. There were reports that rocket experts believed it is possible that American ballistic missiles from Cape Canaveral, Fla., had been destroyed by submarine radio signals.

       The Jacksonville, Fla., Journal said a Navy plane from the Jacksonville Air Station recently sighted a Russian submarine on the surface off Florida.                    

Identity Clear

       According to the Jacksonville Journal, the hammer and sickle was clearly visible on the craft. In Washington a Navy spokesman said, “We have no official knowledge of that matter.”

       However, the Boston Daily Record quoted an Air Force spokesman, who was queried about the missiles being blown up by sub signals, as saying, “We know what’s causing the difficulty. We know it is not a submarine.”                                                                                                         
This reference: The Woonsocket Call (Rhode Island newspaper), Saturday, February 22, 1958; Boston Daily Record, date unknown (around 22 Feb. 1958)    

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Location – too large an area to estimate.      


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