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Location: Gore, New Zealand

Date: July 30, 1909.   Time: 0500a.m.

An airship came down near a dredge working on a river some miles north of Gore. About 0500a.m. two lights broke through the mist and then the forms of two figures sitting in the air machine could be seen. The dredge winch operator, Mr. F. Green, said the ship was narrow and boat shaped. The object came quite close to the dredge, circling round for several minutes. At times it moved very fast, at other times it would poise itself and dip like a bird, then rise again. The object shot up into the mist, leaving a yellow glare on the haze; it reappeared in the direction of Otakarama and then disappeared. Two of the dredge operators saw the object.           

This reference: HUMCAT 1909-4. Source: Tony Brunt, Xenolog # 100/101

With thanks to Chris Aubeck for bringing it to my attention.  
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UFOCAT PRN – 10841 [DOS: ??-??-1909]

UFOCAT URN – 010841 Computerized Catalog (N=3173), #0008 by L. Schoenherr, no © date.
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UFOCAT PRN – 87645 [DOS: 07-30-1909]

UFOCAT URN – NONE   The Dominion dated July 31, 1909. Reference from:


UFOCAT URN – NONE    Auckland WkNw (Weekly News?) dated August 5, 1909.

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UFOCAT URN – 169615 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 00285, © 2002      
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Southwest Pacific Ocean – New Zealand, South Island

Waikaka           Latitude 45-55-00 S, Longitude 169-01-00 E (D-M-S)

                        Latitude 46.02 S, Longitude 169.04 E (D.%). Thanks to Peter Hassall (NZ)

                        Note: This was referenced in Bill Chalker’s entry on:

                        http://www.project1947.com/bcausenc.htm as “in the Waikaka Valley”

Gore                 Latitude 46-02 S, Longitude 168-44 E (D-M)

                        Latitude 46.06 S, Longitude 168.56 E (D.%). Thanks to Peter Hassall (NZ)

Otakarama       Not found, however, there is a river/stream named Otakaramu

Otakaramu       Latitude 46-09 S, Longitude 168-56 E

Reference: New Zealand Gazetteer. With thanks to the University of Toronto for their assistance in getting these coordinates for me.         
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UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 46.10 S, Longitude 168.97 E (D.%) [Gore]

                                      Latitude 45.93 S, Longitude 169.05 E (D.%) [Waikaia (sic –Waikaka)]

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