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       For nine days we held our southerly course with fine weather and light airs or calms. At 1 P.M. of Sunday, March 18th, with the hot sun shining, the weather calm and clear, all hands were sitting about the deck when our attention was attracted to a bright star overhead. It caused a stir among us, for it was a strange phenomenon, enough to rouse the superstitions that always lurk in sailors' minds. By nightfall it was of course below the horizon, and we could not compare its brilliance with other stars, but it must have been brighter than any known star or such things would be of daily occurrence. We had nothing else to do but talk about it, and many odd theories were advanced and discussed, which could not all have been correct. But astronomers themselves, though they have recorded similar apparitions from time to time for centuries, do not agree upon the why or wherefore, so our ignorance was as respectable as theirs. A light easterly breeze wafted us down to the westward of Tortuga Bank, heading south, and in the afternoon of the 19th we were in the Gulf Stream current, wind east-southeast, ship heading northeast.

This reference: “Following The Sea” by Benjamin Doane, p. 209, © 1987      

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Gulf (Of Mexico) Stream

Tortuga Bank – Could apply to either of the following. Not much difference in any case:

Tortuga Island             Latitude 24-04 N, Longitude 72-49 W (D-M)

Tortuga Channel          Latitude 24-00 N, Longitude 72-50 W

Reference: Haiti Gazetteer, Prepared by the Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., May, 1973 


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