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In the March 1957 issue of SIR! magazine (thanks to Theodore W. Hill of Woodbury, N.J., for sending it to us), Norwegian newspaperman Oddvar Larsen tells of an extraordinary sighting, which he believes to be authentic. (Incidentally, publication in a magazine like SIR! might raise a question of whether the whole thing is a piece of fiction; fortunately, we can attest to the bona fides of Oddvar Larsen.) Larsen writes directly in English: the article is not a translation.

The date was November 23, 1954--a time just after the great landing wave in France, when notable sightings were being made in many places, among them Italy and Brazil. The witnesses were three little girls, Anne and Tora Storedal and Tora Moy Haugo, of Torpo, in the Hallingdal district; Anne was ten years old, the other two were nine, and all were frightened out of their wits. As they were coming home from school near some woods, a black object descended rapidly from the sky, knocked snow from the tree tops, and stopped only a few feet above the girls' heads. They gave the following weird description of it: "It looked like a stone...like a ball...about ten feet across; the lower part was black, but trimmed with yellow spots which could have been made of glass, and there were also a number of small, red jags." The upper-part was transparent--the trees could be seen through it--and a human or at any rate semi-human pilot was visible inside, operating controls of some sort. Dressed in black, this man or entity had "big eyes, covered by a pair of immense, red glasses," with which he looked straight at the girls.

The craft then rose again with a droning sound, brushing a high-tension line and striking a shower of sparks from it; an odor compared by Tora Moy to "fried sausages" (ozone?) filled the air, and the little girls ran for their lives.

When Larsen first heard of this story, he was naturally skeptical, but after hearing tape recordings of an on-the-spot investigation of the case, he was convinced that neither hoax nor helicopter could account for it. He cites, for example, this detail given by Tora Storedal:

"When the stone came down toward me, it had a long, white tail behind, but when the stone turned and moved away, the tail went first. That was funny, I thought."

In the snow, there was found and photographed a disturbed track 25 yards long, presumably made by the craft after the girls had turned their backs on it.

The Research Section is of course not in a position to endorse this case, but Larsen's writing gives a favorable impression of his good sense, and the evidence as he reports it appears good.

This reference: CSI Newsletter, issue # 7, May 1, 1957, p. 16

With thanks to Jean-Luc Rivera for the text.

UFOCAT PRN - 60077

UFOCAT URN NONE CSI Newsletter, Issue no. 7, May 1, 1957 p. 16

UFOCAT URN 024602 Project Grudge/Blue Book Special Reports 1-12

UFOCAT URN 060077 Newspaper clipping

UFOCAT URN 115458 HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, A0345 by D. Webb, no date

Europe Norway, Hallingdal district

Torpo Latitude 60-43 N, Longitude 8-43 E (D-M)

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 60.67 N, Longitude 8.72 E (D.%)


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