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12-??-1997                PROBABLE HOAX (See explanation at the bottom)

Giant ET Craft Emerges From Sea Next To Oil Rig!

From Ben Field
From UFO Updates - Toronto

Permission to publish report: Yes       
       First name: Jeremy Clark; Surname: Packer; Age: 32; Occupation: Engineer; Year sighting took place: 1997; Month sighting took place: December; Day sighting took place: Monday Time sighting took place: 8:00 a.m.; Country: USA; Nearest town: Corpus Christi.

       Description of area where sighting took place: Oil Platform- 30 miles from shore of Gulf of Mexico. No land masses...no clouds...heavy wind...several liners. 500 manned oil rig.

       The UFO was sighted in or near a Reservoir/River/Canal/Water. The UFO was sighted in or near an air route.

       Did anyone else witness the sighting?: Yes; Relationship of witnesses: Co-Workers.

Circumstances of the sighting/experience: I had just woke up for our daily routine on the rig. Our sleeping quarters were below sea level, so we all had to trudge up to the main core housing to start work. It was about 7:58 to 9/19/99 8:00. [I believe this should have been written 7:58 to 8:00. The sighting supposedly took place sometime in December 1997. This article was written on 01-14-1998, so I do not understand what 9/19/99 has to do with 1997. However, this date is reused near the bottom of this article. -CF-]

       My watch stopped ticking at 7:58 but I don't know if my time was right. Everyone else's watch stopped ticking as well with various times.

       As I and about 20 other men neared our stations to perform the daily greasing and releasing routine, we stopped cold in our tracks. The bore that drills the hole into the ocean floor was bent like a toothpick into a V-shape.

       We looked at the underwater cameras to recheck what our eyes saw and we couldn’t believe it. First off... this bore is 140.65 feet thick made of solid steel. Nothing can bend it...let alone something on the ocean floor...and it wasn't even on the ocean floor! It was just right below the surface of the water about 200 feet...the amount of pressure it would take would be equal to the sun's force.

       We were dumbfounded.., then we got scared! Everyone started hearing a rumbling noise, and we knew it wasn't the engines running the platform bore...everything shuts off when something goes wrong. Out of the west we saw what looked to be about 25-30 helicopters on maneuvers... not an uncommon sight. What was uncommon was that the rig commander came up and told us he had no alerts to any military maneuvers from the Coast Guard that day. They usually alert us whenever they do these things in our vicinity. Another peculiar thing was that the helicopters made no sounds, none. ZIPP! Then we all ran to the west side of the platform...about 250 of us in all...the others were below sleeping...they have the night shift. Then we saw something that totally changed us! All of the helicopters stopped in midair and something LARGE...very LARGE surfaced beneath them.

       It was a HUGE metal object about the size of our platform! It just came straight out of the water and straight into the air! It hovered over the helicopters for about 2 minutes. Enough for us to use the telescopes to check it out!

       It was as large as about two football fields, concave underneath with 4 large bulbous domes in the concave part of the bottom of it. It turned on its side and we saw that it looked like a huge flying CIGAR which was tapered at both ends. On the top of the thing was another concave indent that had lights circling within it.

       Every color you could possibly imagine! It was BEAUTIFUL! We heard the soft rumbling all throughout the sighting.

       Then something amazing happened as we stood there in disbelief. Like someone turning off a light switch...it was gone. One second we were all looking through binoculars, telescopes and through just our eyes...hell, it was close enough you didn't need the devices! Then it was gone. I would say as fast as you could blink or a light switch would turn on and off a light...it was gone.

       The helicopters headed our way and passed us overhead, again never making a sound. We could see that they had absolutely no markings. Familiar with the stuff the military does around here, we knew they weren't military craft. Some looked like they were stainless steel, almost invisible, some were jet black. I counted 22...my best friend counted 28.

       Everyone had a different amount. We all also noticed that our watches were about 30 minutes later than what the time actually was when we got back to the mainland.

       We were sent on temporary leave by our bosses for what we reported so that 9/19/99 they could fix/repair/replace the bore on the rig.

       I'm back at work now but I still look out at the ocean every chance I get!

The height the UFO was from the ground was about: 280 - 300 feet above sea.

Noise information heard during the sighting: Rumbling sound for most of the sighting. Our watches stopped working!

The UFO was sighted for [  ] Minutes: 30.

       The UFO manoeuvred. The UFO changed colour. The UFO hovered. The UFO rotated. Was any photographic record made at the time?: Yes, camera.

       Did you experience any effects, i.e., loss of time: Yes...Ail (sic- all) our watches showed

30 minutes late/about the time the sighting took place.

(Weather and Conditions) - Windy (Weather and Conditions) -Cold (Weather and Conditions) –Daylight                                                                                                                                              

This reference: Ben Field, UFO Updates, Toronto, January 14, 1998, posted on Sightings website


From: http://www.abcfield.force9.co.uk/sightings/results0008.html  

These are the results of inquiries into the 12/97 Texas Gulf Coast report. Beyond being a very unusual report in an active area, there are restricted military exercise areas there, so my interest was piqued by similarities to some previous investigations.

For the record, this message documents evaluations of the January 14 UFO Updates Mailing List (URL below) message, "UFO Report - Sighting at Sea - 12-97," submitted by Ben Field.       

From: http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/updates                                                          

On inquiry, Field responded: "Unfortunately I have no contact information of the person who sent the report. I am going to add a little statement at the top of his report asking him to get in touch with me again. I, myself, would like to get more information on the sighting as well as the photos."          

A name search on several servers identified no "Jeremy Clark Packer." There were seven Jeremy Packers located in north-central states and one in a northeastern state. There were five "Jeremy Clarks" located in Texas, none near Corpus Christi. No reports resembling such an incident were found in Corpus Christi area newspapers or from familiar UFO sources.          

Initially, a number of suspicious irregularities were questioned, including occupation title "engineer" versus grammatical and technical errors in the report—especially "bore is 140.65 feet thick," and the entire series of comments about the damage to the rig.

A highly qualified friend who has worked in the oil industry thirty years advises, "Traditionally shifts offshore are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is suspect that a shift would be rising at or near 8 a.m. Another suspicious fact is the large number of the crew, totaling 500 as described in the report. This is way too large for any drilling vessel whether it be a drill ship, semi-submersible, or any other type operating in the Gulf. Additionally, the areas of active exploration 30 miles from Corpus Christi are way too shallow for either one of these types of vessels and would typically be drilled by a 'jack-up’ rig. His reference to the size of the 'bore,' which is definitely not a US oil exploration term, of 145-plus feet ‘thick,’ is not a measurement that I or anyone in the business would know. Further, the mention of the fact that it could not be bent and if it were it would require the force of the sun (I don't have the copy here so I'm paraphrasing) is very suspect as coming from a less than accurate source. The reference to the ‘vessel commander' is not a term used in the industry." He also strongly endorses the comments of the individual at NASA/Marshall which follows.  

An individual at NASA/Marshall submitted the following comments (see Jan 15 message, "Re: Sighting at Sea - 12-97" on UFO Updates Mailing List), "This just can't have happened. For one thing, I have no idea what the guy is talking about when he mentions a 'bore' '140.65 feet thick' that 'drills the hole into the ocean floor.’ Oil drill stems aren't within two orders of magnitude of that diameter. Next, if something disabled a drill rig 30 miles off Corpus [Christi], it would be international headline news that very night -- we're talking many thousands to millions of dollars of damage to a private company. If no one else, at least their insurance company would be mounting a huge investigation as to how the damage was done. And 30 miles off shore is about twice the distance to the horizon, so a huge craft lifting off would become visible in Corpus [Christi] itself after rising only a few tens of feet from the surface. Again, think of it. Kilobucks of damage, maybe more, and 250 witnesses, and this DOESN'T make the news except on a ufo website? It ain't reasonable!"                     

My friend, above, works for the largest communications provider in the Gulf, and they haven't even picked up any rumors, much less electronic abnormalities, which would tend to substantiate the report; so, I think we can safely dump this one — as interesting as it originally sounded.        

This reference: Joe Faccenda: www.uforth.com/cigar.htm      


UFOCAT URN – NONE    UFO Mysteries Undersea and Underground by Brad and Sherry

                                                Steiger, pp. 123-124, © 1999 

North America – United States, Texas
Corpus Christi – Latitude 27-48 N, Longitude 97-24 W (D-M)
Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., 1990.   

Gulf of Mexico – Bordered by the southeastern states of the United States, Mexico, and Cuba. Approximate location: Latitude 25-0 N, Longitude 90-0 W


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