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See: ??-??-1953 for a preceding text of the same nature as the one below.-CF-


       The same effect they mentioned, the agitated dancing wavelets under the UFO, were also noted by Clint Walker, best known for his work in the television serial Cheyenne. He told me in 1962 of an experience that he and another fisherman had on a river when their boat drifted under an overhanging tree limb. As they sat there taking a break and smoking, a disc-shaped UFO came slowly and silently down the river, about six feet above the water. As it silently crossed the pool where Walker and his companion had been fishing, they noticed that the water beneath the UFO was dancing madly--a circular patch of tiny waves that moved along with the UFO and was unquestionably caused by it.

       As with my other friends on the Lake of the Ozarks, Walker and his fishing buddy felt that they had had all the fishing they wanted that day.


Reference for the above text is: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 304, 1966


UFOCAT PRN - 35227

UFOCAT URN 36219 Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 304, 1966

UFOCAT URN 35235 Flying Saucers - Here and Now! by Frank Edwards, p. 197, 1967

UFOCAT URN 86281 The Edge of Reality: A progress report on Unidentified Flying Objects by J. Allen Hynek, p. 63, 1975


Note: URNs 35235 and 86281 are also associated with this PRN, but I fail to see the reason why.-CF-


Location Unknown Assumed North America, United States Unknown river



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