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[Respected American abduction researcher John Carpenter, a frequent contributor to CNI News, recently returned from a conference in Brisbane, Australia, an area that has seen major UFO activity in recent months. While there, Carpenter says, he had his own remarkable UFO sighting. Here's how he tells it.]

By John Carpenter

I was watching on the night of October 17, 1996 to observe the unique stars of the Southern Hemisphere sky over the ocean. With me were [conference speaker] Dr. Joe Lewels and [conference coordinators] Glennys Mackay and husband George Mackay.

We saw one bright object which we first assumed was another airplane coming in for a landing. However, this object was slightly brighter and appeared to have extra lights - and no blinking ones. After several other planes went by and this one had not yet moved, Joe and I commented that this was unusual. Dr. Lewels is an ex-Viet Nam military pilot and knows planes well. At this point he claimed, "That is NOT an airplane."

We both glanced at each other for a moment while George Mackay was still staring at it, approximately 15 degrees above the horizon at a distance of at least 5 miles or more. George saw it drop to the water within a split second -- which is quite a speed at that distance! He shouted. Joe and I both looked and were shocked to see the object gone from its position in the sky without any time to have moved out of it... Then we all watched as it hovered just above the water, then lowered slowly into the water and out of sight.

Wow. The speed and drop from its position at that distance elevated that sighting from all known categories of known aircraft behavior!

This reference from CNI News: http://www.cninews.com/Search/CNI.0510.html



On Thursday, October 17, at 6:50 p.m., Glennys Mackay, director of Queensland MUFON, her husband, and two American ufologists, John Carpenter and Joseph Lewis, were driving on the Bruce Highway in Queensland, near Caloundra and Noosa, 55 kilometers (33 miles) north of Brisbane. Suddenly, according to Ms. Mackay, the quartet "noticed a huge light rising up out of the sea, which was stationary for some time before dropping rapidly into the ocean once again. After several minutes, it surfaced and was once again in the southeast sky." The four studied the UFO "through telescopic lenses and found it to have four white lights. The very interesting thing about this was that it showed itself (to be) a round silver ball surrounded by a light which appeared to be a silver mesh in appearance. After several minutes, it took off in a northerly direction." As it flew away, the UFO appeared to be "large and long with a huge bright light in front and several white lights behind."

This reference Thanks to UFO Roundup, Vol. 1, No. 35

(Thanks to Glennys MacKay and Errol Bruce-Knapp of UFO Updates for this report.)


UFOCAT URN 128182 UFO Roundup, Vol. 1, No. 35

UFOCAT URN 170355 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 17451 2002

Australia, Queensland

Brisbane Latitude 27-30 S, Longitude 153-01 E (D-M)

Caloundra Latitude 26-48 S, Longitude 153-08 E

Noosa Latitude 26-23 S, Longitude 153-09 E

Reference: Australia Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., June 1957

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 26.33 S, Longitude 153.12 E (D.%)


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