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At 9.00pm on Sunday, 18 February 1996, a further call was received from the boats at sea. On this occasion the caller told me that the whole crew were terrified because three huge black triangular objects, accompanied by three independent red balls of light, had come out of the sea and were hovering silently in the air close to their boats.

I asked if the balls of light were connected to the triangles and he said, "No they are totally separate and independent". The caller was asked if the triangles were showing on the ships Radar. He replied, "No the Radar is not picking them up, the whole crew are standing on the deck watching them."

Were the objects close to the boat? '"Yes, they are hovering near the port bow, we're all scared". Asked if he could hear any sound coming from the objects, he replied, "No there's no sound coming from them". Were there any lights on the triangles? "Yes there are small lights on different parts of them."

He then said, "The whole crew are out on deck watching them". Suddenly the transmission was lost and the phone went dead. A short time later the connection was restored and the voice at the other end said, "The objects have now gone, they all descended and went down into the sea".

This reference extracted from: Confrontations In The North Atlantic, by Tony Dodd, Published in UFO Magazine (UK), website http://www.ufomag.co.uk/iceland.htm


No location given other than North Atlantic


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