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Occurred: 2/10/1995

Reported: 2/10/1995 06:42

Posted: 2/11/2003

Location: Seattle, WA


Duration: 30 sec

Woman, out walking dog, sees bright bluish light rise from Pug. (Puget-CF-) Sound, turn, then zip off. No sound. Good report.

This reference: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/000/S00144.html

With Thanks to Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center:


UFOCAT PRN - 123578

UFOCAT URN 123578 Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center

UFOCAT URN 169052 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # XXXXXX 2002

North America United States, Washington

Seattle Latitude 47-36-22 N, Longitude 122-19-55 W (D-M-S)

Puget Sound Latitude 47-49-59 N, Longitude 122-26-04 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 47.61 N, Longitude 122.31 W (D.%)

Latitude 47.62 N, Longitude 122.38 W [URN 169052]


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