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Occurred: 7/20/93 23:30 (Entered as: 07/20/93 23:30)        
Reported: 2/10/2000 20:10    
Posted: 2/16/2000      
Location: Honolulu, HI
Shape: Unknown         

Trail of light emerging from ocean and looping back into the water
. Object must have been very large, since sighting was from about a mile away.  

       On this night there was a full moon out. I had been fishing on the south shore of O'ahu, at a place called "Black Point"-a luxurious residential area. It's only a mile to the east of Diamond Head crater. The sighting was very brief, and I doubted myself for a while, until two black helicopters showed up a few minutes later. Then I figured that I must have seen something real. Initially, I was startled by the helicopters because I did not hear or see them until they were directly in front of me at a distance of about two to three hundred yards. They continued to scan the areas just beyond the fringing reef from Diamond Head to Hanauma bay (a distance of about 10 miles) with strobe type lights pointed at the water. This went on for about 30 minutes. Then they left and so did I.           

Reference for the above text is: Website: the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle Peter Davenport, Director:

UFOCAT PRN – 195850        
UFOCAT URN – 195850 National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle by Peter Davenport   

Pacific Ocean – United States, Hawaii  
O'ahu                           Latitude 21-30 N, Longitude 158-00 W (D-M) 
Black Point                   Latitude 21-15 N, Longitude 157-48 W           
Diamond Head             Latitude 21-16 N, Longitude 157-49 W           
Hanauma bay              Latitude 21-16 N, Longitude 157-42 W           
Reference: Hawaiian Islands gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1956.           


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