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Occurred: 7/15/1993 03:00 (Entered as: 07/15/93 0300)

Reported: 3/6/1999 09:28

Posted: 10/12/2001

Location: at sea North of Puerto Rico, PR

Shape: Sphere

An orange globe passed our ship from astern with no sound only light on the water and the ship.

At sea, USS Eisenhower, late at night, on watch on the flight deck. North of Puerto Rico a bright steady orange ball big as the moon came up from astern. Lighting the water then the flight deck and aircraft with orange light. Silent, to the starboard side, just above the height of the deck which is 75 feet above the water, it just flew by. Quietly it passed the bow and accelerated upwards till it was gone. The other watch stander with me saw it too. I looked up at the bridge but they were not reacting to it. I have seen missiles, flares, bombs and all sorts of aircraft under all sorts of conditions. I have not seen anything similar to that other than a hunter's moon but that, of course, doesn’t move.                                                                                                      

This reference: Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. Peter Davenport, Director. Website: http://www.msatech.com/nuforc/webreports/S05791.html          

UFOCAT PRN – 195843

UFOCAT URN – 195843 National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle by Peter Davenport 

Middle America – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – Latitude 18-15 N, Longitude 66-30 W (D-M) [Island]

Reference: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/caribbean/puerto-rico/map.htm


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