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       The shape of the objects involved in the Rio and Trindade incidents may be of more than passing interest. You recall that it was a giant metallic sphere which Captain Thomas Mantell reported he was chasing near Fort Knox, Ky., on that fateful afternoon in January 1948. So far as my records show, there were no other sightings of spherical UFO in the northern hemisphere with the exception of one which reportedly sank into the water of a remote Canadian lake, also in 1948.                                                                                                                                      

This reference: Fate magazine, September 1960, pp. 42-49, “Flying Saucers Over Brazil” by Frank Edwards.

Original reference: The Buffalo, (New York) Evening News of August 26, 1952           

UFOCAT PRN – 76768

UFOCAT URN – NONE  Fate magazine, pp. 42-49, “Flying Saucers Over Brazil” by Frank

                                       Edwards, September 1960

UFOCAT URN – 76768 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 226, 1970          

North America - Canada

Location unknown      


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