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Abduction case by Budd Hopkins
Condensed summary by Richard H. Hall

Brooklyn Bridge Abduction Case

       On the night of November 29/30, 1989, multiple independent witnesses in separate locations observed a hovering, glowing red-orange oval object in the skies over lower Manhattan. A woman (whose pseudonym was reported as “Linda Cortile”) was seen to float out of an upper story window of an apartment building, transported by a light beam into the hovering object, which then sped away.  
       Later investigation by Budd Hopkins and his colleagues revealed that the full story unfolded over a period of years, and the witnesses included a prominent person at the United Nations, security personnel, and motorists on the Brooklyn Bridge whose engines had failed as the abduction was in progress. The widely “witnessed” abduction constitutes one of the potentially most important such reports on record. It included an underwater episode on that evening, and an earlier one experienced by Linda Cortile. (The following quotations are from Witnessed, by Budd Hopkins.)        
       The security officers were seated in their stalled patrol car beneath the elevated FDR Drive near the East River at about 3:00 a.m. following an engine failure. With them was a prominent United Nations official for whom they were providing security. A reddish glow attracted their attention. Looking up, they saw an oval object hovering above an apartment building 2-3 blocks away. On the side of the object near the top was a row of rectangular windows, and green lights were rotating around its edge. They heard a low humming-whistling sound. The color changed from a bright red-orange as a very bright blue-white was emitted from the underside, and the object descended to the level of an apartment window.        
       The officers and UN official were then shocked to see a woman in a nightgown float out of the window in a bright beam of blue-white light and escorted into the bottom of the object by “three ugly but smaller human-like creatures, one above her and two below.” The beings had disproportionately large heads, very large eyes, and slender limbs. The woman reminded them of an “angel” or a “Christmas-tree doll” in appearance. 
       After the woman disappeared into the object, its color changed back to red-orange and it sped away in their direction, flew overhead and “plunged into the river behind us, not far from Pier 17, behind the Brooklyn Bridge.” As it passed over them, the officers felt a strong static electricity effect. They were profoundly affected by the experience, both badly frightened and feeling extreme guilt about their inability to help the woman.      
       Budd Hopkins had been contacted by Linda Cortile, then 41, during spring 1989 about abduction experiences that she recalled from her youth and childhood. Then on November 30 she called Hopkins about her experience of the previous night. At about 3:00 a.m. she had felt a numbness in her legs and then saw a small figure with large head and “enormous black eyes” moving toward her. After that her memory was fragmentary, but she felt that she had been floated out of her living room window and up into a UFO. She and her family lived on the 12th floor of an apartment building two blocks from the FDR Drive and the East River.          
       During a hypnotic regression session after November 30, Cortile described in detail what she had experienced on board the craft, including various medical examinations and procedures. She also recalled that during a childhood abduction episode many years earlier, the UFO went underwater. “Through a large window she could see the murky bottom of what she took to be the East River; garbage and even a soft-drink bottle were visible in the UFO's lights.”           
       Subsequent investigation revealed complex interrelationships among the men in the patrol car and Linda Cortile, and later interactions among them. However, these are not directly relevant to the underwater episodes. 

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North America – United States, New York       
Brooklyn Bridge – Spans the East River and connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan of New York City.-CF-           
Brooklyn Bridge            Latitude 40-42-19 N, Longitude 73-59-47 W (D-M-S)  
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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