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1951 sighting at sea near Nova Scotia      

Nova Scotia, Canada
—In 1951, my father was on a frigate heading back to port. During a calm, sunny afternoon, the sky became dark and the electrical power on board the ship shorted out, causing almost total blackness. My dad was hailed to the bridge with other shipmates, and they saw six glowing lights in the water on the port side of the ship. He said the lights were about seven fathoms down, and too cylindrical in shape to be coral. All the men had difficulty later recalling the event. The strangest thing of all is that by the time they were contacted by their Canadian military port they were 100 miles off course. They also were two days late returning to port and did not realize it. Their captain and some other officials told the crew never to speak of the incident. Dad is turning 80, and this day remains a mystery embedded in his mind and probably to the rest of the crew. (MUFON CMS)   

Reference for the above text is: MUFON Journal #505 dated May 20l0, Filer’s Files, p. 14  


North America – Atlantic Ocean, Near Canada 

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