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       On October 25, 1986, at about 9:00 A.M., in clear weather, Joaquin U.A., a forty-year-old farm manager, and Ronald-Alberto L.A., a twenty-three year-old farmer, saw an object above the surface of the lake. Interviewed two weeks later at the site by Ricardo and Carlos Vilchez, they drew pictures of what they had seen and gave a detailed description of the events.

       First they saw, about 1,800 feet away, a row or post-like cylinders reaching about three feet above the surface of the lake, which was quiet and flat as a mirror. Then they again saw a series of objects sticking out about three feet above the water and three feet apart. By then they had driven their tractor much closer to the lake, and they could clearly observe the cylinders, which were of a dark hue, either gray or coffee-colored. After five or ten minutes the objects disappeared, the emerged portions tilting together as if they were attached to a single submerged structure, and the whole thing disappeared with much turmoil and waves.        

This reference: Confrontations, by Jacques Vallee, p. 52, © 1990

Original reference: February 1979 edition of “Notiziario UFO”, journal of Italy’s Centro Ufologico Nazionale.       

UFOCAT PRN – 114189

UFOCAT URN – 114189 Confrontations, by Jacques Vallee, p. 60, © 1990

UFOCAT URN – NONE    The UFO Enigma by Peter A. Sturrock, pp 210-211, ©1999   

Note: This lake “Lago de Cote, Costa Rica” was also the site of an earlier important sighting with photographic proof. It is not included here as it was not water related. The date of that sighting was 09-04-1971 (See The UFO Evidence, Vol. 2 by Richard Hall, pp. 289-291)-CF-

Central America – Costa Rico

Lago de Cote - Latitude 10-35 N, Longitude 84-56 W (D-M)

This reference: Gazetteer of Costa Rico, Names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names, Defense Mapping Agency, Washington D.C., June 1983, p. 29.  

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 10.53 N, Longitude 85.17 W (D.%) [Arenal]


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