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08-26-1984                           Professional Translation       

CISU Case: 098

Location: Campo Marino (TA)

Category: A (Completely submerged objects and lights)

Evaluation: U.S.O.

Original Source: Inchiesta di A. Cassano del 14/11/93; "Il Giornale dei Misteri" n. 272 pp. 60-61; “UFO” n. 18, luglio-dicembre 1996; “Ufo news Magazine” n. 3 pag. 54; scheda SUF n. 4498.           

Sighting Description: Questo caso è stato catalogato come U.S.O.1 perché si tratta dell’unico caso italiano presente nell’UsoCat che sia stato inchiestato con una metodologia d’indagine ufologica scientifica, da un ufologo serio, che ha intervistato i testimoni senza alcun pregiudizio o preconcetto.

       Tre persone che stavano pescando con il palamito a bordo di una piccola imbarcazione, durante la notte, si accorsero che tra i 500 ed i 1.000 metri da loro il mare era diventato chiaro, come se una grossa scia si fosse resa visibile in punto particolare. Uno dei tre guardò l’ora ed erano le 03:00. Pensando che si trattasse di un sommergibile in emersione, i tre rallentarono la velocità della barca ed a quel punto videro un oggetto, probabilmente di colore grigio chiaro e dai contorni un po’ sfuocati, che emerse dal mare senza alcun rumore e senza generare spruzzi. L’oggetto emerse con un’angolazione di 60°-70° e scomparve in cielo ad altissima velocità. Poco dopo essersi alzato in cielo, cambiò rapidamente direzione. L’inquirente conclude la sua relazione avvalorando la testimonianza dei tre, che sono persone serie e conosciute e che, come affermato dall’inquirente stesso, potevano benissimo aggiungere particolari se avessero voluto inventare la storia.

       Personalmente ritengo questo caso un U.S.O. solo perché è stata compiuta un’indagine scientifica con una seria metodologia; il racconto in sé, a giudizio personale del curatore dell’UsoCat2, poteva essere classificato come “informazioni insufficienti”, così come ve ne sono molti all’interno del presente  catalogo.                      

Sighting Description: This case has been filed as a U.S.O.1 because it is the only Italian case that has been investigated with a scientific ufological methodology, by a reliable Ufologist who has interviewed witnesses without prejudice or preconceptions.

       Three people who were fishing with a trawl aboard a small craft during the night noticed that between 500 and 1000 meters away from them the sea had become lighter, as if a large wake had become visible in a particular spot. One of them checked the time and it was 3.00 am. Thinking that it was a submarine emerging, they slowed the boat down and at that moment saw an object, probably light grey in color with a blurred outline, emerging from the sea noiselessly and without creating any spray. The object emerged at an angle of 60 – 70° and swiftly disappeared into the sky. Soon after becoming airborne, it rapidly changed direction. The investigating officer concludes his account supporting the testimony of the three fishermen, who are well known and reliable people and who, he affirms, could have easily added more detail if they had wanted to make the story up.

       Personally, I keep this case in the U.S.O only because a scientific enquiry with a proper methodology was carried out. The story itself, in the personal opinion of the editor of the USOcat2, should be classified as having ‘Insufficient Information’, as are many other cases in the present catalogue.


1 U.S.O. – Unidentified Submerged Object (Oggetti Sommersi Non Identificati)

2 USOcat Italian Catalog of Unidentified Submerged Objects (Catalogo Italiano Degli Avvistamenti Di Oggetti Non Identificati)                                                                                                        

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini. http://www.cisu.org/          



       The night between 25/26 of August 1984, appeared to be like any other night in that period of time with clear sky without clouds, and quiet sea. In such a night, however, an unusual strange event, “dammed” according to Fort, took place in Italy, off Apulia shore. Someone saw a strange object, a USO, the equivalent of the UFO, emerging from the sea. This event has recently been investigated by an officer of CISU and regarded three friends who are amateur fisherman.

       About three o’clock in the morning of the 26th of August, the three friends were sailing in their small motorboat, off Campo Marino, a village located at 40 km from Taranto. They were going to put off a system of baits with many fishhooks. While they were sailing up the coast towards Torre Ovo, about three km off the same coast, in the sea; they noticed an indistinct, whitish light that was moving opposite to their direction. The three friends estimated that the light was at about 500/1000 meters distant from their boat. The apparent dimension of the object was about the space between the nods of the second and fourth fingers (4/5 cm) of a fist shape, placed at a distance of an arm. At the beginning “we thought”, said the three friends, “that it was a submarine emerging from the sea”. It appeared as if there was something underneath, a light that was lighting the sea, however, it was completely circumscribed as the witness reported. But suddenly, a totally unforeseen thing happened, a round-shaped metal–grayish mass was emerging from the water. This indistinct object, void of details as regarded its surface, was emerging vertically from the sea, subsequently it changed direction, bending its trajectory of about 60-70 degrees, in regard to the perpendicular axis. Everything happened without stopping its movement: emerging from water, departing upward from water and bending its trajectory. These were not hovering maneuvers. The speed of diagonal movement was very fast, as the object was disappearing from the visual field of the viewers in about 3-4 seconds, towards the Apulia shore, east or south/east direction, just opposite the direction of the boat.

       During the sighting no sound was perceived, this fact induced the witnesses to exclude that the object was a missile launched by a submarine. The three friends could not see any water sprays coming from the sea nearby, or traces of light in the sky caused by the same phenomenon. After the sighting the three friends started fishing again and for the whole night they did not notice anything unusual. No event similar to this one, was noticed occurring in future times, by other witnesses going there for other fishing sessions.

       It was possible to interview only one of the three witnesses, Gaetano N. as the others, a warrant officer and a custom officer refused to be involved in the investigation about the event, fearing that the rumor about their names might harm their military careers.

       According to Arcangelo Cassano, the agent of the investigation who had known the witness for a couple of years, Gaetano N. is known as serious, reliable person, not at all inclined to easy fancies. He is a person who can be trusted entirely. So far the object of this event is identified to be a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) strictly speaking.                                                   

This reference: UFO – Magazine of Ufological Information (Bi-Annual), #18, July-December 1996, p.33. With thanks to Marco Bianchini of CISU (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici), Italian Center of Ufological Studies. http://www.cisu.org/        

UFOCAT – NONE       

Europe – Italy, Taranto

Apulia               Latitude 40-30 N, Longitude 18-00 E ( D-M ) [ Peninsula ]

Campo Marino  Latitude 41-57 N, Longitude 15-02 E ( D-M )

Taranto            Latitude 40-28 N, Longitude 17-14 E

Torre Ovo         Latitude 40-18 N, Longitude 17-31 [ Torre Dell’ Ovo – Tower ]

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.  


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