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       Crews of seagoing craft also encounter UFOs. Sometimes they hover for long periods, as one did over the Taki Kyoto Maru, a freighter sailing off the east coast of Japan, less than 200 miles from Kanazawa, on April 17, 1981.   
       Captain Usuda, when interviewed by the press at Kanazawa, reported that a UFO, of a round saucer shape and shining brightly, rose out of the sea in clear daylight and calm weather and first hovered near and then circled the 165-foot freighter. Captain Usuda described it as glowing with a blue light and stated that when it shot out of the ocean it caused a wave that almost swamped his ship. It caused another great wave, which partially damaged his ship, when it disappeared into the sea.       
       Captain Usuda, although preoccupied at the time with his terrified crew and his own concern for the ship's safety, noted that the time spent by the alternately hovering and circling UFO was about fifteen minutes. The UFO moved so fast around the ship that, except when it hovered, it could not be seen clearly -- there was only a blur where it circled. Captain Usuda tried to radio for help but the transmitting equipment was jammed. He looked at the needles on the ship's instruments and they too were a blur, spinning with the same rapidity as the craft circling over the ship. He tried to guess the size of the UFO when it hovered and estimated that its metallic and glowing diameter was four or five times the length of his ship.   
       A curious result of the visitation was that it seemed to have affected time on board the Taki Kyoto Maru. After the UFO plunged back into the sea, the captain noted that the timepieces on board had lost fifteen minutes, the approximate time that the spacecraft (if that is what it was) had spent maneuvering around the ship.         
       A spokesman for the Japanese coast guard, Hoshi Isido, is reported to have observed, with some understatement: "Based on interviews … and the unusual structural damage … we do suspect that they encountered something very unusual .... Officially we are calling it an unidentified object, a simple UFO." 

Reference for the above text is: The Dragon’s Triangle, by Charles Berlitz, pp. 130-131, Pub. by Wynwood Press, NY, NY, 1989         
Original reference: Unknown Newspaper clipping.   

UFOCAT PRN – 182737        
UFOCAT URN – NONE   The Dragon’s Triangle, by Charles Berlitz, pp. 130-131           
UFOCAT URN – 182737 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 14203© 2002          

Japan – Pacific Ocean  
Kanazawa Latitude 35-21-00 N, Longitude 139-37-60 E (D-M-S) Note: There are several “Kanazawa” of which only two are on bodies of water. This one is the only one on the East coast of Japan.-CF        
Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

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