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       The following news clips, have a great deal of information that is not included in the tales of other authors. It is approximately six pages long, but well worth the read.-CF-    

BRAZIL — Credit: Joe Brill

1) City and country of incident: Brazil (Offshore)

2) Date of Incident: July 26, 1980

3) Name of paper and date of clip: DIARIO DE NATAL, August 16, 1980

4) City and country of newspaper: Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil           


Until 7:30 p.m. on the night of the third of this month, the tugboat 'Caioba-Seahorse’ between the Petrobras oil platform of Macau and Natal, everything was normal when suddenly the motor stopped. The sea was calm, the sky was dark, and there was no indication of anything abnormal aboard ship. It was at this point that the craw of this small ship perceived, circulating (circling) in the space above the tug, an enormous lighted unidentified flying object that had approached to a distance of 30 meters. There was total panic aboard snip, and First mate Fernando immediately ordered the issuing of an SOS which was received by the Embratel Coast Guard station at Igapo and re-transmitted to the Third Naval District and the Captain of the Ports.  

These facts, withheld with confidence until yesterday, were confirmed by Colonel Francisco Hennamann, commander of the Barreira do Inferno, who took (assumed) responsibility for investigating the incident. This unusual event, according to several versions, was witnessed by the entire crew of the tug, who were amazed and terrified and had their trip interrupted for almost an hour. According to the Informants, the giant disc of approximately 100 meters in diameter was in the shape of a buoy of an oil platform.         

Disc Causes Suspense on the Sea

The "Caioba-Seahorse" was on the high seas when two of their motors were suddenly paralyzed.       

The appearance of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) of approximately 100 meters in diameter, at 7:30 p.m. on the third of August, on the high seas, that flew over the tug "Caioba-Seahorse" for several minutes, is being investigated by the Aeronautic Ministry through the rocket launching center at Barreira do Inferno. The tug is owned by the multinational "Dowell-Schlumberger" and was travelling from the platforms of Petrobras at Macau to Natal.          

The tug, one of twenty of the British company working for Petrobras in the underwater platforms of Macau, was navigating normally on the high seas, when their motor was paralysed, without an order from the captain and for no apparent reason. Information gathered by the reporters from the DIARIO DE NATAL from persons who were involved in the event, stated that the tug remained almost stopped and that the entire crew was shocked and dumbfounded, including the captain, when they saw a lighted object of .approximately 100 meters in diameter, of various colors, that was flying over the tug in circles at a low altitude.           

The Firstmate of the tug sent out an SOS at exactly 7:30 p.m., which was received by the Embratel Coast Guard Station, located in the suburb of Igapo in Natal, which re-transmitted the message to the Third Naval District and the Captain of the Ports. There was difficulty in responding to the SOS of the tug because It was Sunday, but the content of the radio communications between the tug and the Station at Embratel and the Navel authorities is on record, elaborated by Lieutenant Santana (who was on duty on the night of the third In the Radio Communications section(?) of the Third Navel District) and other officers of the Navy and which now in the custody of the Commander of the Rocket Launching Center of the Barreira do Inferno, Colonel-pilot Francisco Hennamann. 

Colonel Hennamann, although he believes in Ufology ("I believe in UFOs, yes, of course, there are unidentified flying objects"), confirmed yesterday that an Investigation was under way which would be "quiet, serious and with great honesty to verify the truth of the facts which occurred on the high seas on the night of the third and witnessed by more than ten men of the tug "Caioba-Seahorse," which had their trip interrupted for almost an hour.

"I do not have anything to say about the occurrence. I do not know what happened. We are investigating quietly and there is no recommendation to keep quiet or secretive. We do not want to cause sensationalism, because they might say that we are dealing with the appearance of flying saucers and this might prejudice our research. I repeat that we are investigating the incident with great probity, principally and honesty," said Colonel Hennamann, adding that he was an aeronautical engineer graduated from ITA of Sao Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo, a lover of space research and pilot of the Ministry of Aeronautics.           

In the 3rd Naval District of Natal, where there was great reluctance by two officials in making any information available about the appearance of the UFO, the reports of the DIARIO DE NATAL were mentioned by Lieutenant Santana. "Look, I do not know anything. Was it you who saw the flying saucer? Who was it that saw it?" he said with a smile, afterwards informing us that the case had been given to the personnel at Barreiras do Inferno. "Lieutenant, how about the transcriptions of the conversations between the crew of the tug and the Navy, via Embratel?" asked the reporter. The response: "Boy! How do you know about that?" "Go to the Barreira do Inferno. Everything about the case was sent there. We do not have anything else here. The Navy is not interested in investigating anything that occurred in space. This is a matter for Aeronautics," said the official of the 3rd Naval District.      

Great Panic on the Tug

In spite of the fact that Colonel Hennamann did not reveal more detailed information concerning the appearance of the UFO (he said that he only "investigates and interviews the people who saw the unidentified flying object"), we were able to determine that the investigations were being carefully followed by the Department of Research and Development ("Aeronautico-DEFED") of the Ministry of Aeronautics and that the Commander of Barreira do Inferno was appointed by Brigadier Thales de Almeida Cruz to carry out the research and interview the entire crew of the tug owned by "Dowell Sehlumberger."        

The report indicated that the crew of the tug was dominated by panic moments after seeing the strange flying object of many colors, rapid and silent. The commander and Firstmate were very nervous during the transmission of the radio messages, received by the Coast Guard Station of Embratel in Igapo, by amateur radio operators and by the radio station of the 3rd Naval District of Natal.

In the interview with Colonel Francisco Hennamann and the reporter Luiz Cortez, the following dialogue took place:   

LC        Colonel, how many persons have already been interviewed?

H          No comment

LC        Who appointed you to conduct this Investigation?

H          I prefer to tell you that you should not ask me this question.

LC        Was there panic on the tug during the appearance of the UFO?

H          Yes, there was, but you don't need to exaggerate. If I were you, I would

            not publish anything about this. Maybe in two or three weeks, we will be

            able to divulge something. Of this I am not certain.

LC        The crew was frightened?

H          We should not exaggerate too much. I am collecting information from the     people who saw it.

LC        Is this case considered a high military secret?

H          No. There is no secret. However, we do not want to affirm anything conclusively on this case.

(TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: I have a very good idea that had it not been for the amateur Ham radio operators that overheard the transmissions of the "Caioba-Seahorse," that this incident would never have been made public by the Brazilian government. Again we are indebted to the Ham radio operators for bringing this case to light. — Joe Brill.)                                                     

This reference: As show at the top of the News Clip. With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/       

1)         City end country or incident: Brazil (Offshore)

2)         Date of Incident: July 26, 1980

3)         Name of paper and date of clip: TRIBUNA DO NOSTE, August 17, 1980

4.)        City and country of newspaper: Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil    


The extraterrestrials will appear with greater frequency and face an ever-growing public, was the statement of Nati Cortez, a student of Ufological phenomena (referring to the sighting of or contact with UFOs—Unidentified Flying Objects), as she analyzed the events of the 26th of last month In which the entire crew of the tugboat "Caioba-Seahorse" saw the appearance of a flying saucer.  

For Cleobulo Cortez, son of the Ufologist and professor of Judicial Psychology of the UFRN, the alliance of the authorities in relation to ufological phenomena Indicates that this social consequences of the sightings can be varied, placing in question the power of political groups when they face a greater power, even a world economic crisis or an Integral reformulation of the norms of national sovereignty.     

The tugboat “Caioba-Seahorse,” together with the ship “Toche (Sp?)-Seahorse,” belongs to the Artur Levi Company, a multinational firm working under contract to Petrobras. The crew of both ships saw on the 26th at about 7:30 p.m., a strange light that was moving at an incredible speed and left them stunned due to its intensity.  

Atilio Sacarpate is a machinist from Argentina residing in Natal who was a member of the crew of the "Toche (Sp?)-Seahorse" that was leading the tugboat because it did not have radar. Being in command, Atilio saw the approaching of a light which was moving at high speed and was not being captured by radar and was not recorded in the naval charts as a lighthouse. The two ships were near Pititinga, from where the coast could be seen. 

"The light stopped over the "Caioba" at a height of 150 to 200 meters and it was so strong that you could not fix your sight (stare) on it. Due to its being so low, there was no possibility of it being an airplane, a helicopter or the light in the top mast of the ship. To this day, I still have not been able to find an explanation for the fact of what. I saw," affirmed Atilio.         

The light, after remaining stationary over the ship for ten minutes, left at great speed in the direction of the continent, and disappeared. Jose Ribamar da Silva, assistant administrator of Artur Levi, declared that he could not give out any information about the occurrence. Meanwhile, the Barreira do inferno, in accordance with the information of commander Francisco Hennamann, filed the testimony of the crew. 

The appearance of the UFO was so strange that it frightened everyone and the commander of the "Coioba," Jose da Silva, who was in bed by virtue of being badly poisoned (from .something he had eaten), recovered. No terrestrial explanation was found for the fact and Cleobulo Cortez Indicated the reason.  

The sighting is singular because it was made by the crew of an official organization. I am developing a study that analyzes the social consequences of the ufological phenomena and the lack of dissemination that exists surrounding the subject shows that the authorities have a certain fear. To recognize it could cause panic and even create a world economic crisis. Beyond that, the existence of a greater power could cause the questioning of the power of political and military groups and also the reformulation of the laws of the sovereignty of nations. Maybe they will create a World Government for the study of these trans-national problems.”                 

This references: As show at the top of the News Clip. With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/       

1)         City and country of incident: Brazil (Offshore)

2)         Date of incident: July 26, 1980

3)         Name of paper and date or clip: 0 POTI, August 17, 1980

4)         City and country of newspaper: Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil    


New and surprising details are beginning to surface around this appearance of the flying saucer, seen by the crew of the tugboat "Caioba-Seahorse" in accordance with the reports given by the employees of the company that owns the ship. There were two, and not Just one, Unidentified Flying Objects seen by four of the crew of the tugboat, three of whom have already been interviewed by the Colonel-pilot Francisco Hennamann of the Barreira do Inferno.           

One of the UFOs was floating close to sixty miles (almost 100 kilometers) off the coast and it became necessary to make a sudden maneuver to keep the "Caioba" from colliding with it.

Next, a giant UFO, nearly 100 meters in diameter, came near and linked up with the floating object and they lifted together, remaining about ten minutes over the ship and later disappeared in the direction of the open seas.          


Other Details in the Drama Lived By the Crew of Touros

Two Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were seen by the crew of the tugboat Caioba-Seahorse," belonging to the Teche Petroleum Company from England, represented in Brazil by Artur Levi of the Maritime Services of Brazil Ltd., with offices in Rio do Janeiro. Employees of the firm under contract to Petrobras informed us that it was not only one UFO, but two UFOs seen by four crewmen of the boat, 60 miles from the coast, at a point situated between the Island of Fernando de Noronha and the "Ponta do Calcanhar" in front of the beach of Touros.           

The assistant to the manager of the local office of Artur Levi do Brazil-Services Maritimos Ltd., who identified himself simply as Itamir, related all the facts that took place with the crew of the tugboat (he asked us to correct the date of the incident, which was not during the day of August 3rd, a Sunday, but on the night of the 26th of July, a Saturday). He added that he had taken three crewmen to the Barreira do Inferno where they were interviewed (listened to) by Colonel-pilot Francisco Hannamann. The crew; Fernando, Firstmate; Jose da Silva (known as "Ze Capa"), commander, who was sick and sailors Ivan and Francisco and the Chief engineer, Antilho Scarpata, of Argentina.           

"What I know is what the crew told Colonel Hannamann. They said that the tugboat was navigating normally near the ‘Ponta do Calcanhar’ and they saw a light that looked like a head-light coming toward the tugboat at a high rate of speed. It was 7:28 p.m. The" night was dark. In the sky they could only see the strong light coming near. Suddenly, the Firstmate Fernando sighted a round object, ten meters in diameter, presumably grey in color, that was floating a few meters in front of the tugboat. The Firstmate was forced to execute a sudden change of direction to the right, placing the ship facing the coast. Suddenly, the object (which looked like the buoy of an underwater oil rig platform) turned several lights on—yellow, red, green and blue ones—and continued floating to the left of the tugboat, about thirty meters away. Simultaneously, the strong light seen in space came near the buoy and remained above it, stationary, about sixty meters up in the air approximately. Hanging there, everybody could see the oval form of the object from space with a great luminosity. Slowly, the oval object flew over the tugboat "Caioba-Seahorse" and then stopped and descended on top of the buoy-like object floating in the water."  

"The object that was floating like a buoy was hooked (linked) up to the oval object, the lights were turned off and both rose together. The larger object became stationary at a height of sixty meters from the waters of the sea during ten minutes marked by a clock (or watch). The final moments were ones of great tension on the tugboat "Caioba," whose commander, Sr. Jose da Silva, was in bed with gastrointestinal problems. He had eaten spoiled fish and his thorax and legs were semi-paralyzed. With the commotion and the conversations of the crew by radio, the commander resolved to get out of bed and go onto the deck. He was the one of the crew to see the least of what happened, but he did see the objects that were linked together. Everyone was nervous, including the chief engineer, who tried to back up (reverse) the engines in order to continue their journey and was not successful, not knowing if the ship was stopped by the strange object or by their being nervous. Yet, commander Ze Capa was able to see the two objects coupled together disappearing at great speed in the direction of the high seas, without making any noise. What I find strange in all of this,” continued Itamir, "was that the electronic radar, that is able to detect even small wooden boats, did not detect either of the two objects. I find this strange because all the crewmen told me that the two objects had a metallic structure of iron or something similar. They saw two objects, but only one flying and the other floating in the water. There were lights on the floating object (in the shape of a buoy), five meters in height, more or less from one to the other. An SOS was sent because they were seeing two objects that the radar had not detected and the panic was great. You should seek the Navy and the Base of Barreira do Inferno for greater details," said Itamir, assistant at the office of "Artur Levi do Brazil."           

The administrative manager of Artur Levi in Natal, Jose Ribamar da Silva, informed us yesterday that none of the crew of the tugboat "Caioba-Seahorse" was receiving psychiatric treatment, but he added that the commander of the tugboat, at midnight on the 26th of July, was transported from the port to a hospital in the city. The other crewmen were medicated with tranquilizers.   

"All the crew have already gone back to sea. ‘Ze Capa’ is working on another tugboat, but has not yet been interviewed by Barreira do Inferno. This whole subject is being shrouded in a certain amount of secrecy by the military authorities and I do not want to say anything else," said Jose Ribamar da Silva.     

“And the tugboat "Caioba," where is it?" asked the reporter of the O POTI. "By coincidence, days afterwards, it was placed in the dry dock of the Naval Base of Natal for external repairs, painting and cleaning, etc. There was nothing wrong with the tugboat,” said Ribamar.        


For some of the members of the Canter of Ufological Study and Research (CEPEU) in Natal, the unidentified objects seen by the crew of the tugboat "Caioba-Seahorse" could be related to a rescue mission by the "mother ship" of one of its UFOs (flying saucer in popular jargon), damaged on the high seas or probably stationed to conduct some kind of underwater research.           

The, writer Maria Natividade Cortez Gomes, one of the enthusiasts of Ufology who believes in these things, interviewed by reporters yesterday morning, stated that she knew of the case of several days but "is surprised with this other details divulged by the DIASIO DE NATAL.” "I believe that this case could have international repercussions. It is the first case occurring in Brazil in which the military authorities are Involved in investigations about UFOs. Through ufological literature, I know of the occurrence of cases in which ships disappear on the high seas. If the radar of this tugboat did not register anything, could not the ship have 'evaporated' if it had collided with that ‘buoy'?,” inquired Mrs. Nati Cortez.                                                               

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South America – Brazil, Estado do Rio Grande do Norte. Body of water is the Atlantic Ocean.

Macau                          Latitude 05-07-00 S, Longitude 36-38-00 W (D-M-S)

Natal                            Latitude 05-47-00 S, Longitude 35-13-00 W

Igapo                           Latitude 05-46-00 S, Longitude 35-15-00 W

Pititinga                       Latitude 05-23-00 S, Longitude 35-20-00 W

Touros                         Latitude 05-12-00 S, Longitude 35-28-00 W

Reference: http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp            

Barreira do Inferno      Latitude 5-52 S, Longitude 35-23 W (D-M) [Rocket launching site]

Reference: http://www.astronautix.com/country/brazil.htm   

Ponta de Calcanhar – See: http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/lighthouse/brno.htm [Lighthouse]

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 5.77 S, Longitude 35.22 W (D.%) [Natal]    


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