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       One evening in June of 1980, therapist Linda Susan Young and a friend were driving along the Pacific Coast Highway adjacent to Santa Monica Beach. As Young's friend drove, Young noticed a lighted object, a brilliant white light, floating perfectly stationary several miles out to sea, in the center of the Santa Catalina Channel. Says Young, "It was just a light. It was a white light and that was all. I didn't see any definition of anything else. For the size of the light, I should have been able to see some sort of definition ... I couldn't figure out what this would be. And I said to the guy with me, 'What do you suppose this is?' And he turned around and looked at it. And he saw it only for a second when it just shot straight up in the air and blinked out. It didn't look like it went far enough to disappear from view, like from a distance. It just sort of stopped. It just stopped being there."

       Both the witnesses were amazed. They are certain the object wasn't a flare or anything conventional. Says Young, "I have always assumed it was a UFO."                                       

This reference: UFOs Over California by Preston Dennett, pp. 85-86 © 2005. Note: More information than original source.-CF-  

UFOCAT PRN - 120850

UFOCAT URN – 120850 UFOs Over Topanga Canyon by Preston Dennett, p.268 © 1999

UFOCAT URN – NONE    UFOs Over California by Preston Dennett, pp. 85-86 © 2005

North America – United States, California

Santa Monica Beach     Latitude 34-02-26 N, Longitude 118-29-34 W (D-M-S)

Santa Catalina Channel - Note: Looking out to sea from Santa Monica Beach one would be looking over the Santa Monica Bay or the Pacific Ocean – NOT a Santa Catalina Channel which doesn’t exist (However between Catalina Island and the mainland is a San Pedro Channel which does not extend to the point of the sighting).-CF-

Santa Monica Bay        Latitude 34-01-16 N, Longitude 118-29-35 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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