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Note: This report was compiled on MUFON forms (Not included here), by researcher Raymond E. Fowler.

Subject- MA 79-7

Type of report- ''Landing'', Possible EM effect, Possible Physiological effect, Possible Mechanical effect. 

Date of report- April 20, 1979 

Date of UFO sighting- March 27, 1979

Place of UFO sighting - 20:00 hrs, EST

Place of sighting- Ma., Dukes County, Martha's Vineyard, Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach, MA  

Local Evaluation- Significant Unknown

Sighting Background

The witness contacted the state police who informed Ray Fowler of Mufon.  




Sighting Account

       The witness vas travelling north to Oak Bluffs along the road between Sengekontacket Pond and Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach in his father's Ford LTD Wagon (year unknown) when he noticed a green glow behind sand dunes on his right. He attributed the glow to people on the beach using ''light sticks”1. He first noticed the glow at the bridge (point A on the map fig 1). As he approached the source of the glow it brightened and his AM car radio (tuned to 680 KHZ, WRXO) began to pick up a “low frequency hum''. He was travelling at about 50 mph and he traversed the distance between points A and B in about 50 secs.

       At point B the witness had an unobstructed view of the ocean whereas before, low sand dunes had blocked any sight of the water. At point B, then, he could see, apparently in contact with the water, a luminous green cylinder with rounded ends. The distance from the observer was about two hundred feet. He stopped his car with the engine still running and the headlights on. The object immediately began to rise slowly and the witness could observe water action as if the object had been in the water in the same manner as a boat.

       The witness watched as the object rose to a height where sight of it was blocked by the car roof. He then got out of the car and stood beside the driver's side with the door open and the car light on. The beach and water were now illuminated by the glow from the object. The witness continued watching the object rise with increasing speed for a few seconds and decided to reach into the car for a 12 volt quartz light which his father used for checking unoccupied cottages in the off season. The witness intended to shine this at the rising object but was not, able to turn it on for he found himself unable to move accept for his head. He doesn't know whether this effect was self induced or due to outside influences. There was no obvious sensory clue to allow that determination. He then watched as it rose out of sight. The total time the object was in sight was about 50 seconds, so that the entire duration of the event from the first detection of the green glow to the time the object was lost from view was approximately 1 min. 40 secs. This was determined from a re-enactment of the incident at the site on April 8, 1979.

       The time interval as determined above contrasts sharply with the witness' original estimate of 6 minutes and seems generally indicative of how witnesses can distort time intervals. The distance to the object was originally estimated by the witness as 100-125 feet and here again there is distortion, as measurement indicates the distance was probably about 200 ft. since the distance from the road to the water's edge alone is 100 ft.

       After the object disappeared from view the witness went directly to the Oak Bluffs police station where officer Harold Hill remembered the witness as being unusually excited and possibly scared. The two went to the site from where Hill called State Trooper DeRoche who met them close to the site and heard the story. The police log had the time as 20:30 hrs , the weather clear and dry with no wind. Hill went by the area periodically until leaving, duty at midnight without seeing anything. No other reports were received that evening and no attempt was made to search the beach the    



next morning for traces or artifacts. Officer DeRoche also confirmed these events.   

Possible mechanical effect.

       The next day the witness noticed that his calendar watch was indicating the correct day of the month (28). At the time of the incident it was reading 3 days fast (30) and had been running consistently fast. The witness had not corrected it due to the amount of time it took to adjust. He would have had to move it ahead 29 days in daily increments to have it read correctly. As of the date of this report, (4-20) the watch is now maintaining accurate days of the month.

       The watch is a manually wound Timex, water resistant, with stainless steel back and case and base metal bezel. On 4-8 it did not react to a closely passed magnetic compass.          

The area

       The point of the sighting is used almost exclusively for bathing. There is no shell-fishing at the site. The witness states that the material from the adjacent pond dredging was, within the past year, used to build up the beach area. The water was clear on the day of the investigation and relatively shallow as sea vegetation could be seen through the water at about the distance the object was estimated to be.      

The object

       1. The object was completely soundless during the entire incident.

       2. The object's color was estimated to be a green between the Federal Standard Colors

            14187-38901. A ''yellow Green” Crayola crayon was used by the witness to color a

            sketch. The color intensity seemed to increase as the witness drew closer.

       3. The shape was cylindrical. The object did not change aspect as it rose. Its ends were


       4. No protrusions, windows, etc. were noted. Its edge was not sharply defined.

       5 The object appeared to displace water like a boat.

       6. The object's attitude relative to the witness was unchanged throughout the incident.

       7. The object ascended at an ever increasing speed starting from a very slow liftoff.

       8. The object was estimated to be about 200 ft from the witness by the investigator at

            the site.

       9 The investigator neglected to obtain an arms-length estimate of size from the witness

            at the time of the investigation but this is to be supplied in the near future. The

            witness' estimate of length was 30 ft.

      10. The object's green glow was reflected on the beach and water.       




Photocopy of witness’s drawing showing a cylindrical object without the colors used.

I left this out of here, for space considerations.–CF-  




Sighting investigation 

Activity log      

3-31-79            Called witness' mother and made appointment for Sat, Apr. 7.          

4-03-79            Witness called to confirm appointment and arranged to meet me at landing at

                        6:15 pm, Fri., 4-6.       

4-06-79            Witness called to say ferries had been cancelled due to high winds.

                        Appointment rescheduled for 24 hrs later.     

4-07-79            Escorted to lodgings by witness. We visited site of incident at about 8 pm. We

                        then went to Oak Bluffs police station where investigator was able to talk with

                        officers Harold Hill and Dick DeRoche. Police logs checked.     

4-08-79            Witness completed Mufon forms and site revisited in daylight for

                        measurements. Witness then conducted investigator to XXXXX home for

                        information on sighting of 10-20-78. [Not applicable to this report-CF-]        




The witness

        The witness was extremely cooperative throughout, the investigation, continually going out of his way to facilitate the investigation and gathering of information.

       He struck this investigator as very intelligent. Although disclaiming detailed knowledge of UFOs he seemed to have retained a great deal of the knowledge generally available to the public over the years such as the Hill case, Pascagula, Travis Walton, etc. He remembers seeing the Hill case dramatized on TV but claims he didn't watch the ending. He has also seen CE of 3rd Kind. He has read von Daniken and is somewhat interested in his theories. He is familiar with the case of the Chilean soldier whose calendar watch advanced five days, through reading the National Enquirer at his father's store where the witness occasionally works

       In the 6th and 7th grades he was interested in UFOs and related subjects as well as Theater. The latter became his prime interest and he now wishes to complete college training, in Communications at Eastern New Mexico State. He was scheduled to matriculate last year but a misunderstanding about his finances caused him to return home. He is spending his time as an auxiliary policeman, volunteer fireman and volunteer ambulance driver until he can obtain paid employment when the tourist season begins.    

Witness character

       Mrs. Myrtle Rheno, owner of the boarding house where the investigator stayed knows the Grunden family and thus the witness. Her opinion is that he would not be telling this story if it hadn't happened. This was also the opinion of both officer Hill and trooper DeRoche who know the witness through his work as an auxiliary policeman.       

Additional witnesses

       The incident took place at a point devoid of buildings. The police received no other calls.           

Possible natural phenomena

       The characteristics described for the object do not relate to any natural phenomena the investigator is aware of.         

Possible man-made object      

Balloons or other windborne devices seem ruled out by the path of the object and its illumination.

       Propelled devices such as aircraft, military rockets or missiles, and pyrotechnic devices seem ruled out by the lack of sound, lack of trail, illumination and orientation of the object in its flight as well as by the size and proximity indicated by the water action observed.  

Previous report in the same area

[Report not included here as it is not water related and does not pertain directly to the above.-CF-]






This reference: MUFON case investigation by researcher Raymond E. Fowler

With Thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ 

UFOCAT PRN – 159114

UFOCAT URN – NONE    MUFON case investigation by researcher Raymond E. Fowler

UFOCAT URN – 159114 The MUFON Journal, #140, October 1979, p. 12

UFOCAT URN – 167643 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # XXXXXX © 2002     

North America – United States, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard (Island)

Oak Bluffs                                Latitude 41-27-15 N, Longitude 70-33-45 W (D-M-S)

Sengekontacket Pond              Latitude 41-25-00 N, Longitude 70-33-13 W [Lake]

Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach   Latitude 41-25-31 N, Longitude 70-33-15 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=116:1:8819224456856858733    

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 41.43 N, Longitude 70.55 W (D.%)  

Note #1


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Reference: http://science.howstuffworks.com/light-stick.htm


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