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UFOs Go Into River

       I learned about the Colares-area cases in December 1978 and have gone to Colares three times, in February 1979, July 1981 and July 1993. On the first visit, people said they'd seen UFOs going into and out of the Amazon River near Colares. Some had also seen glowing blue objects moving about under the surface of the water. They were frightened and felt threatened by them.

       Rosil Aranha De Oliveira, thirty-six, who owned a store on the beach at Colares, told me: "I often go fishing at night, and I get out to this spot, and we can see these lighted things coming at great speed, and when they get close, they just stop. Sometimes they go into the water and sometimes they don't."

       He had seen UFOs going into the river three times, twice in 1978 and the third time on February 14, just two days before the interview. At three o'clock in the morning, he said, he and his brother, Sebastiao, eighteen, were in a boat when a blue light went into the river about one-hundred-fifty yards from shore.

       "Some men were fishing in other boats nearby, and they seemed to be frightened by it," Rosil said. "I could hear them shouting: ‘The Thing! Here comes the Thing'

       "I have seen a blue spot moving around in the water, It just goes up and away, a blue light, going north toward the ocean. Once I saw one sitting on another beach south of here for about fifteen minutes. I tried to figure out the shape, but all I could see was just the lights. Then it took off and went north, going up and down in a wavy motion as it went away."                             

This reference: UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt, pp. 183-184, © 1996          


UFOCAT URN – NONE  UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt, pp. 183-184, © 1996           

South America - Brazil

Colares            Latitude 0-56 S, Longitude 48-17 W (D-M)

Reference: Brazil Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963        


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