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Date of the water portion, per Mr. Raymond E. Fowler in an e-mail to me dated 07-09-2003-CF-

The Andreasson Affair Phase Two
Abduction case by Raymond E. Fowler
Condensed summary by Richard H. Hall

       The Betty Andreasson abduction case is among the more complex of such reports. Although the original encounter took place on January 25, 1967, the UFO investigation community first learned about it through a letter from Andreasson to Dr. J. Allen Hynek dated August 20, 1975. Hynek subsequently forwarded her letter to the Humanoid Study Group which had several prominent members in Massachusetts. Raymond Fowler and his colleagues then began a follow-up investigation during January 1977.

       Betty and her parents were living in South Ashburnham, Mass., while her husband James was in a hospital recovering from severe injuries suffered in an automobile accident. They had seven children aged 3 to 11. Early on the foggy evening of January 25, 1967, the house lights began flickering and then went out. Some creatures were seen out of the kitchen window approaching the house. Betty’s next conscious memory was of waking up the following morning with a feeling that something extraordinary had happened. In the ensuing months and years, she occasionally had flashback memories of humanoid beings and an unearthly environment.

       Under regressive hypnosis during 1977, Betty reported that her parents and children all were paralyzed or frozen in place as five humanoid beings about 4 feet tall with gray skin, oversized heads, and large slanted eyes entered the house through the closed door. They communicated with her telepathically and invited her to go with them.  Following their instructions she stood directly behind the leader and she and the beings in a row were transported or “swooped” through the closed door and floated to a landed, disc-shaped craft in the back yard.

       On board the craft Andreasson was subjected to various medical procedures. Then she was moved to another room, had tubes inserted into her mouth, was immersed in a gray liquid, and felt motions as if she were being transported to somewhere else. She found herself in a strange, otherworldly environment inhabited by nonhuman creatures. She saw a crystalline city with buildings and a 15-foot-tall birdlike apparition that appeared to be a living creature. The bird burst into flames and was reduced to a pile of ashes.

       The humanoid beings continued to communicate with her, but their “messages” were incoherent and she had no idea what they wanted or what they intended for her. However, she interpreted the beings in terms of her fundamentalist Christian beliefs as angels or messengers of God and a voice that spoke to her as God.

       Eventually she was taken back through the same places and observed many of the same things on the return trip to her home. When she re-entered the house, she found her family members still frozen like statues. They were all escorted to their bedrooms, and the primary episode–the conscious memory part of it–was concluded.

       Further hypnotic regression over a period of time brought forth recollections of life-long interactions with extraterrestrial beings. In the fall of 1945, she saw a circular object land and felt paralyzed. She found herself in a white room with three small beings with light globes placed around her, then in another room with 5-foot-tall beings. There she experienced flashing lights and a spinning motion, and  “The craft plunged into a body of water, then rose above it.” (Clark, 1998, p. 90.) Following that, she was inside an icy cave and encountered other human beings (motionless), animals, and disc-shaped machines. [See water-related text below.-CF-]

       Other environments and encounters and devices too numerous to mention were experienced after that. On September 21, 1961 (five days before the Barney and Betty Hill abduction), Andreasson had a time-lapse experience, and under later hypnosis, recalled a tall gray humanoid giving her a religious-like message. The being “told her she had a role to play in bringing others to salvation and warned her evil beings sought to harm the human race.” (Clark, 1998, p. 90).    

Text from the book relating to water-CF-

Names associated with this text

Raymond          Raymond E. Fowler

Betty                Betty Andreasson Luca

Fred                 Fred Max

Larry                Larry Fawcett  

CF NOTE: The following paragraph may not have been in conjunction with the water-related segment, however, I felt it was important as an observation inasmuch as this horizontal turning motion is an important component in cases of “waterspout” observations.   

[Starting at p.33]

RAYMOND: A previous experience would solve several puzzling aspects of the Andreasson Affair. Inadvertently, Betty had described other things that were not part of the 1967 experience. During one of the 1967 hypnosis sessions, I had questioned her about her notes on a drawing of a UFO:

BETTY             Somehow the lower section whirled and the top section remained stationary. At

                        times the top also moved, especially when there was to be a change in direction.

RAYMOND       At what point during your experience did you actually see something like this? As

                        far as I can remember, you never saw the object in flight.

BETTY             I really don't know, Ray, when I saw it. But I saw it.  

[Starting at p.88]

RAYMOND: The psychosomatic effects upon Betty were fantastic to behold. Her body reenacted the downward push during this period of apparent acceleration. Investigator Larry Fawcett reported to me:         

       At this point in the session, all present became amazed. We could actually see the g-forces on her face. Her skin got very tight around her face and her mouth was pulled back. She had difficulty talking.          

FRED               Take it easy, just relax. Okay, what happens next?   

       Betty seemed to describe a glass dome above her [Figure 28]. She appeared to be in a flying object that was hurtling toward a body of water.         

Figure 28 (April 23)

BETTY             Oh, and there's some water. We're gonna crash into some water! 0hhhh!

RAYMOND: Betty cringed in terror, bracing herself for an impact1. Fred moved immediately to rescue her from this traumatic experience.

FRED               Okay, take it easy. When I count to three, jump out of the situation and view

                        yourself as if you were in a movie. One, getting out more and more. Two, you're

                        getting more and more comfortable. Three, you're able to view it as one would a

                        movie. Suppose now you draw me a picture.

RAYMOND: Supplying Betty with paper and pencil, Fred instructed her to draw what she had

                        described so vividly [Figure 29]. Then he brought the session to a close.      

[Starting at p. 90]

Raymond: To say the least, the last session had been extraordinary. Betty's fleeting teenage memory of an approaching "bubble in the sky" had been only the conscious tip of an incredible repressed UFO close encounter abduction experience. One can only speculate on the functional purposes of the devices that she encountered aboard the craft. Fortunately, we have her drawings, tapes, and detailed transcripts for researchers to evaluate.

       Another mind-bending session had come to a close. The next week, on April 28, Fred brought Betty back to where the alien craft entered the water. In the opening minutes of the session, Fred Max had Betty relive portions of her experience she had recounted during the prior session. They remained vivid and consistent. He asked some questions about the curved, transparent canopy that Betty lay under while pinned to the round, table-shaped, rubbery cushion. Finally, Fred proceeded to ask her what she could see through the canopy after the craft dived into a body of water. Through this traumatic segment, Betty had to be calmed several times.

Figure 29 (April 23)

BETTY             It's going so fast, oh! It feels like I'm staying still. I'm tilted a little. Oh, there's

                        water coming up! Ooooooh! Ooooh!  

FRED               What's the matter?

BETTY             Ooooh! I'm crashing into that.

FRED               No, just take it easy. Take it easy. You'll be fine. [After Betty calmed down]

                        Okay, go on.

BETTY             It's like the water is rolling around and around, and it's all white up there. Round

                        and round, and it's stopping now and it's just water. But now I'm going the

                        opposite way. Ooooh!

RAYMOND       If Betty's latest hypnotically relived experience had any basis in physical reality, where had she been taken and why? The only known planet in our solar system with large bodies of liquid water is our own planet earth. Because of the apparently short time that elapsed between Betty's kidnapping and the alien craft entering the water, it's hard to conceive how it could have traveled anywhere except to one of our own oceans.    

FRED               Okay, just relax, relax, relax. You're doing fine. Don't be scared. Just go on. [Betty

                        again calms down.]

BETTY             That whole window is water, like in water. I don't know how to explain it.2

RAYMOND: At this juncture, Fred had Betty, without affecting her trance, open her eyes and draw what she was seeing. Then he had her continue.         

FRED               Okay, close your eyes. Just relax and let's go on.

BETTY             And it looks like we're coming above some water. We are out of that water, and

                                    we're into some place that looks like ice all around.

LARRY             Where are you looking now, Betty?

BETTY             Out of the window.

FRED               You see through this window. Can you see the outside from this window?

BETTY             That's what I think I'm seeing.

FRED               Do you see any clouds?

BETTY             No, it's just a big, big--looks like a big cave or tunnel of ice with icicles all over, but

                                    there's light around it [Figure 30].

Figure 30. (May 20)


This reference: The Andreasson Affair Phase Two by Raymond E. Fowler, pp. 33, 88-91, © 1994. Printed here with my thanks and the author’s permission. My thanks also to Richard Hall for the summary.        

Note 1: This reaction would be expected as the witness/abductee does not see the field that surrounds the craft which causes the water to be drawn to the rear of the direction of flight.

Note 2: Here we have the field moving the water as described in note 1. She doesn’t know how to describe it as the water is NOT on the window, but being held at a distance from it by the invisible field.        

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Final Location – undetermined (one of the polar regions?).

It is of interest that in the text of 11-??-1980, the witness is told, “…they came from Antarctica,” she recalled. “There is a tunnel that goes under the South Pole; that's why they come out of the water.”     


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