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   A pear-shaped silvery object was sighted high in the sky over the North Sea by Mr. J. H. Upton, a deckhand aboard the British trawler Lepanto during autumn 1961.        
   "I called the others to come up on deck and take a look. To our surprise another similar object appeared next to the first one. Suddenly, both of them shot away across the sky like lightning."         
   Chief Engineer Toby Barnett confirmed the sighting, adding:         
   "It looked like a miniature barrage balloon, pinkish grey in color, and appeared to be directly above us, revolving and forming shapes very high in the sky. Then another one joined before both of them, now looking like parachutes in shape, shot away into the sky. They left no exhaust or smoke."        

Source: Tyneside UFO Society/Evening Telegraph, 29th September 1961      

Reference for the above text is: E-mail from Albert Rosales dated May 18, 2013. Source is as above.       


Location: North Sea, position unknown          

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