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Occurred: 2/19/2004 10:00 (Entered as : 02/19/2004 10:00)

Reported: 5/30/2004 5:51:05 AM 05:51

Posted: 6/4/2004

Location: UK/England,

Shape: Circle

Duration: 2 seconds

Object seen leaving the sea at 30 degrees leaving a contrail of water

I was watching a replay of a golfer taking some lessons near the coast. The PGA instructor noticed something cross the screen in less than a split second and when viewed repeatedly, beyond the wall where the golfer was taking his shot from, was the sea, then there it was, a flat/circular object obviously leaving the sea at speed. When he first played the movie to me, I said jokingly it was a big fly. But when the movie was slowed down the object is leaving the sea at about 30 degrees and when zoomed in you are able to notice that the object is shedding water.

To give you a rough Idea of how fast the object is moving: The golfer was just starting his back swing and by the time club head had left the back of the ball and was inline with his left foot the object appeared and then disappeared from view. If you have played golf before you will know that the time taken from ball to left foot will be something like 100th of a second.

The Movie has been sent to scientists and came back that the sighting was definitely a UFO

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

This reference: With thanks to: The National UFO Reporting Center: http://www.ufocenter.com/ by Peter Davenport


Europe United Kingdom, England

No specific location given.


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