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Case 16

Date: 15 January 1985

Place: sea area between Nisyros and Tilos islands, Dodecanese, Aegean Sea.        

Description: At night, the pilot of a civilian airplane reported a “large fire accompanied by explosions” in the sea. The “fire” was also observed by two people from the coast of Nisyros island and by the captain of the passing ship “Zeta” who said that the “fire” was in the sea area somewhere East of Astypalaia island. Airplanes searched the area but found nothing. Later it was announced that the cause of the phenomenon was a small fire in a field, at the coast of Tilos.

Source: Nea newspaper 17.1.1985, Messimvrini newspaper 17.1.1985                                

This reference: E-mail from Turkish researcher Sefer Murat Aksoy. Greek USO cases from Greek researcher, Thanassis. Vembos Website: http://www.vembos.gr With thanks to both of the gentlemen mentioned above. 

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Europe - Greece

Nisyros             Latitude 36-35 N, Longitude 27-10 E (D-M) [Island – Nísiros]

Tílos                 Latitude 36-25 N, Longitude 27-25 E [Island]

Dodecanese     Latitude 36-10 N, Longitude 27-00 E [Islands]

Astypalaia        Latitude 36-35 N, Longitude 26-25 E [Island - Astipálaia]

Aegean Sea     Latitude 39-00 N, Longitude 25-00 E

This reference - Greece Gazetteer prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1955  


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