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07-31-1977                                       Online Translation     

CISU Case: 049

Location: Imperia

Category: B (Objects that fall into water or because they dive down after making some

                     additional maneuvers)

Evaluation: Insufficient information

Original Source: "Il Giornale dei Misteri" n. 85 pag. 11; "La Stampa" ed. Liguria del 02/08/1977; "Gazzetta del Popolo" del 01/08/1977.          

Sighting Description: Un oggetto fu visto, da numerose persone che si trovavano sul lungomare, cadere in mare e quindi riemergere per poi sparire allo zenit. L’osservazione sarebbe durata circa trenta minuti e testimone fu anche l’Osservatorio astronomico. E’ comunque probabile che si tratti dello stesso caso n. 048, anche se le fonti indicano espressamente un’altra data.

Sighting Description: An object was seen by numerous persons that were on a promenade that fell into the sea and thereafter to re-emerge and then to vanish overhead. The duration of the observation would be approximately thirty minutes and was also witnessed by the astronomical Observatory. Probably, however, these are the same features of case number 048 [See 07-26-1977], even if the sources indicate another date.                                                                

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini. http://www.cisu.org/          

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Europe – Italy. Body of water in the Ligurian Sea

Imperia - Latitude 43-53 N, Longitude 8-03 E (D-M)

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board on Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.        


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