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June 1977 Oberon NSW

Three men illegally fishing in a boat, one night, were 3.2 km up river from the Oberon Dam near a peninsula called Crows Peak. A dark shape was initially seen on the shore. 5 minutes later, something started to come around the bend of the river. It turned out to be an indefinable shape some 3.6-4.6 m wide, with a blue glow, 3-4.6 m above the water surface. The phenomenon was silent. It crossed onto the peninsula and went out of sight. Next day all the grass and low hanging branches across the peninsular area where the phenomenon had passed appeared to have been "burnt" or browned off. Even weed under the water to a depth of 15-20 cm was also browned off.

(See UFO Newsletter No 52 (UFOR (NSW)-now UFOIC, Nov 1977.)       

Reference for the above text is: http://www.project1947.com/kbcat/kbtrace0505.htm    
Retrieved April 05, 2011.         

UFOCAT PRN 134446        
UFOCAT URN NONE    Tasmania UFO Information Centre, November 1977  
UFOCAT URN 134446 Australasian Ufologist, April 1993, p. 24 by Bill Chalker           

Australia New South Wales   
Oberon          Latitude 33-36 S, Longitude 149-49 E (D-M) [administrative]   
Oberon Dam  Latitude 33-42 S, Longitude 149-50 E [water body]     
Crows Peak    Unable to locate coordinates    

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