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1 January 1977 22:00 
Leca De [sic – Leça da] Palmeira, Portugal      

Filmed by television crew, made electric motor sound. UFO seen at same hour for four consecutive nights.           

An object was observed and videotaped. Animal reactions to the object were reported. One object was observed by a group of witnesses on the shore. A motor-like sound was heard.      

Reference for the above text: Website:The Cid:http://thecid.com/ufo/uf16/uf5/165322.htm        
Retrieved October 10, 2012.   

UFOCAT PRN – 109207        
UFOCAT URN – 109207 Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos investigation files, January 05, 1977, news clip
UFOCAT URN – 150868 PORTUCAT Portugal UFO database by Victor Lourenco, #170, no © date        
UFOCAT URN – 174897 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, #12539, © 2002         
            His text: UFO at same hour for four nights; filmed/TV crew; electric motor sound/sea          

Europe – Portugal, Porto. Body of water is the Atlantic Ocean.           
Leça da Palmeira   Latitude 41-11-28 N, Longitude 008-42-01 W (D-M-S) [populated place] 
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    


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