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15 August 1663, Robozero near Bieloziero, Russia

Fiery object with burning beams


Farmer Levka Federov and others saw a fiery object estimated at 40 meters in diameter, with burning beams. It returned one hour later. A formal report from Saint Cyril monastery reads:


       To His Highness the Archimandrite Nikita, to His Eminence the Starets Paul, to their Highnesses the Starets of St. Cyril Monastery, Most Venerable lords, salutations from your humble servant Ivachko Rievskoi.

       "The farmer Levka Fedorov, from the village of Mys of Antusheva of your monastery estate Losy, has related to me the following facts: On this Saturday, the 15th day of August of the year 7171 (that is 7171 year of old style or 1663 of modem style), the faithful from the district of Bieloziero, Robozero volost, had assembled in great number in the church of the village of Robozero, in the present holyday of Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

       "While they were inside, a great sound arose in the heavens and numerous people came out of God's house to watch it from the square. There, Levka Fedorov, the farmer in question, was among them and witnessed what follows, which, for him, was a sign from God. At noon, a large ball of fire came down over Robozero, arriving from the clearest part of the cloudless heavens. It came from the direction whence winter comes, and it moved toward midday (south) along the lake passing over water surface. The ball of fire measured some 140 ft from one edge to the other and over the same distance, ahead of it, two ardent rays extended. The people seeing the terror of God gathered in the church and prayed to God and the Blessed Virgin, with tears and crying, and the big fire and two smaller ones disappeared.

       "Less than an hour later, the people again came out to the square and the same fire suddenly reappeared over the same lake, from the same place where it first disappeared. It darted from the south to the west and must have been 1500 ft away when it disappeared. But it appeared, in a short while, back again, from that another place, moving this time to the west; the third time the same fireball appeared more terrific in width, and disappeared, having moved to the west, and it had been remaining over Robozero, over water, for an hour and a half. And the length of the lake is about 7000 ft, and the width is 3500 ft.

       "As the fireball was coming over water, peasants who were in their boat on the lake followed it, and the fire burned them by the heat, not allowing them to get closer. The waters of the lake were illuminated to their greatest depth of 30 ft and the fish swam away to the shore, they all saw that. And where the fireball came, the water seemed to be covered with rust under the reddish light; it was then scattered by the wind and the water became clean again.

       "And I, your humble servant, sent a message to the priests in Robozero district, exactly for this reason, and they responded to me with a letter confirming that they had such sign in that day. And you, most Venerable lords, would know about this. And this Robozero district is about 6 miles away from Antusheva village of your monastery estate Losa.


Reference for the above text is: Wonders in the Sky, by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck, pp. 215-217, © 2009.

Original reference: Arkheografischeskaia Kommissiia, Vol. 4 (covering years 1645-1676) (Saint Petersburg, 1842), 331-332. Courtesy of Thomas Bullard.


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Meaning of terms used in location:


oblast - a type of administrative division in Slavic countries, including some countries of the former Soviet Union. The word "oblast" is a loanword in English, but it is nevertheless often translated as "area," "zone," "province," or "region." The last translation may lead to confusion because the subdivision of "oblast" is called "raion" which is translated as "region" or "district," depending on the context.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblast


ozero translates to “lake” (Russian: oзеро)

Reference: Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary © 2006 Oxford University Press


volost – was a traditional administrative subdivision in Eastern Europe (Russian: волость)



Europe – Russia, Vologodskaya Oblast

Antusheva                          Latitude 60-20-53 N, Longitude 041-56-44 E (D-M-S)

Mys of Antusheva                Latitude 60-07-00 N, Longitude 039-22-00 E

Bieloziero, Robozero volost    Unable to locate, but feel that this is associated with Lake Beloye which is very near to lake “Robozero” and might be Belozërsk from Bullard’s book

Belozërsk                            Latitude 60-02-00 N, Longitude 037-48-00 E

Robozero = Zarobozero          See next, below

Zarobozero (Za-rob-ozero) Latitude 59-50-00 N, Longitude 037-25-00 E [Lake]

Note: The “village” of Zarob or Rob does not come up on the geonames site.

Monastery estate Losy          Probable misspelling of “Losa” below.

Monastery estate Losa         Latitude 60-50-00 N, Longitude 037-19-00 E

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Map that includes Lake Zarobozero (Orange balloon—bottom points to lake):




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