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       The last apparent "repair job" took place on the night of March 13, 1975, near the small town of Mellen in northern Wisconsin. The Philip Baker family was engaged in various pastimes and occupations in and around their rural home outside of Mellen. Mr. Baker was sitting in the living room with his shoes off watching television and it was time for fifteen-year-old Jane to take the family cats out to the garage for the night. The Bakers are sure of the time—9:00 P.M., for the adventure series "Harry-O" had just started on the television.

       Jane got nearly to the garage door when she heard "strange high-toned noises," and turning around, looked up at the hill to the north and saw an object apparently sitting on the road into Mellen. The whole hill was lit up, she said, and she described the object as a silvery, disc-shaped object with a domed top which gave off a yellow-white glow. Around its midsection were located alternating red and green lights which blinked on and off.

       Jane put the cats in the garage and then went back into the house to get her father. She said, "There's a thing on the hill up the road." Mr. Baker hurriedly put on his shoes and they both went outside to look at it. At this point the glow was subsiding and the flashing red and green lights were no longer in evidence. There was no noise at this time but there was a square lighted, area with rounded corners in the middle of the object. This area, which appeared to be an opening, had the same yellow-white glow that the top of the object had had earlier when Jane viewed it alone.

       The two then walked to a position beyond the garage where they were able to hear a metal-on-metal banging sound coming from the direction of the object. Partly because it was cold, and partly because Mr. Baker wanted to call authorities, the two went back into the house and he made a telephone call to the under-sheriff. While he was talking on the phone they heard a loud boom and when Jane looked out again the object was gone.

       When Jane initially came into the house to get her father she pointed out the object to Mrs. Baker as well as three other members of the family, eleven-year-old Jeff, twelve-year-old John and sixteen-year-old Montgomery, so that they also viewed the object.

       The next morning Jane went outside to see if she could find any traces from the previous night. She looked over toward the swamp near her home and saw the same or a similar object again—only this time there were no flashing lights or glow. The shape and color were the same, however, and it was hovering over some evergreen trees. She went back into the house to put on heavier clothing and when she came back outside she brought the family dog with her. She was starting toward the evergreens when the dog gave a big yelp and started to whine and paw at her ears, and then became completely still. Jane said that she could hear nothing and carried the dog back into the house because it refused to move. When she came back out again the object was gone.

       Later in the morning she and Monty and John walked to the spot where the object had been seen the night before. They found a round area on the road where the snow was "fluffed1 up." There were tire tracks over the area where a car had passed after the object had left, but there were also bicycle tracks leading up to it, then taking up again on the other side. These tracks made by one of the boys riding his bicycle the morning before. The "fluffed up" area where the object had been sitting apparently obliterated parts of the bicycle tracks.

       This "fluffed-up" condition of the snow is a new phenomenon where UFO landings are concerned, and while we can easily understand how a jet of flame can burn vegetation or an antigravity propulsion system could partially dislodge bits of earth when a UFO takes off; it is hard to understand how the snow condition relates to the UFO. It did occur to us that had that really been a repair-service stop, possibly the repair/servicemen "fluffed" the snow up in order to cover their tracks and destroy any evidence of their presence there.

This reference: Encounters with UFO occupants by Coral and Jim Lorenzen, pp.337-339 © 1976.

Note 1 – “Fluffed” - Definition:

1. Light down or fuzz, as on a young bird or on a dandelion or milkweed seed.

2. Something having a very light, soft, or frothy consistency or appearance: a fluff of meringue; a fluff of cloud.

3. Something of little substance or consequence, especially:

            a)Light or superficial entertainment: The movie was just another bit of fluff from Hollywood.

            b)Inflated or padded material: The report was mostly fluff, with little new information.

Reference: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=fluffed 

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North America – United States, Wisconsin

Mellen  Latitude 46-19-32 N, Longitude 90-39-39 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form  

Remark: In this case we encounter what could be associated with the “vortex” in the paper on this website entitled “Physical Influences of a UFO on Water”, except this influence is on snow. In other cases where the UFO has landed the snow is usually melted, and the surface dry. Unlike the author above, I believe that the bicycle tire track was sucked up by the vortex below the UFO and after it rose, the column of loose snow fell down over the tire track at that point. –CF-      


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