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From "Philippe Piet van Putten"

The Navegantes case is quite interesting. Its main investigator was Brazilian UFOIogist Carlos Alberto Machado, president of the Center of Exobiological Research and Investigation (C.I.P. Ex) at Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, and a contributor for my bi-monthly bulletin Fenomenos Aeroespaciais (Aerospatial Phenomena). Here is a review of the case.

Date: July 2, 1974; Time: around 03:30 PM; Place: Nearby Navegantes Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil; Witnesses: At least 17 persons: - Mr. Ubelino Severino; Mr. Francisco Severino; Mr. Francisco Filho; Mr. Alfredo Leopoldo da Costa; Mr. Jose Custodio; Mr. Alfredo Claudino; Mrs. Nilda Vieira; Mrs. Carmelia Severino and her nine children; Field research by: Carlos Alberto Machado (C.I. P. Ex)

Brief description: On that afternoon, fishermen were working on the beach when they spotted a disc-shaped object with small lateral protrusions approaching very fast but silently. The object fell on the ocean, 100 meters distant from the Navegantes Beach coast line.

The fishermen thought that the object could be some sort of foreign experimental aircraft in trouble, so they drove their fishing boats to the very spot where the object dove to try to rescue any survivors. The water was sort of dark, and they couldn't see anything below! There were good divers among them, but they were afraid to enter the ocean water under such low visibility.

The fishermen soon became aware of a curious fact: Itajai Airport is only 1 km far from the watery crash site. If the object was an airplane - they supposed - the airport managers should have sent a rescue team. But no team ever arrived.

In a short time, the news media discovered what had happened and started to investigate the incident. Such a stir made the local police start an investigation and the police soon concluded that the witnesses had indeed seen something unusual.

Mr. Ubelino Severino guided divers of the Brazilian Navy to the precise area of the crash. Despite claiming to have seen any object, one of the divers did 9/19/99 a second dive to mark the spot with a signaling buoy which was fixed in place with a rope tied underwater. This is very interesting, because the fisherman were used to throw their nets there and they knew that there were NO rocks nor tree branches underwater to tighten-up a rope. So, how did the diver succeed fixing the buoy ?!

The Navy's commander required that Ubelino call him immediately if anyone, not authorized, ever tried to go near the buoy. The following morning Ubelino verified that the buoy was gone! He called the commander's office and reported that the buoy was gone, but they didn't seem concerned about it (!).

Two days after the crash, two fishermen who were the best divers in the area, were found dead and naked on the nearby rocks. They were the only two who had enough courage to dive where the buoy was. They reported to their colleagues that they had seen a disc-shaped object half buried underwater. The ocean water around the disc was terribly hot, so they could not touch it.

The object "disappeared" with the buoy.

For two weeks, all fish seemed to have vanished from the area.

Brazilian Army officers, stationed at Florianopolis, Santa Catarina's Capital, interviewed the witnesses and local inhabitants.

UFOIogists suspects that the disk was retrieved by the Navy late at night.

Days later, another disc-shaped object was seen diving slowly in the exact place were the first object crashed. We also have all the details of this second observation (a CEIII) and the names of the witnesses.

This Reference: Philippe Piet van Putten Director - The Brazilian Academy of Parasciences

(ABP) National Director- Picard UFO Research International (PUFORI) National Correspodent - Sightings on the Radio (USA) Editor - Fenomenos Aeroespaciais (Aerospatial Phenomena) E-mail: abp1@uol.com.br Home page: http://www.pufori.org

Need: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No. 4, July/August 1975, p. 22 by Gordon Creighton

UFOCAT PRN 86808 [DOS: 07-EE-1974]

UFOCAT URN 086808 Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No. 4, July/August 1975, p. 22 by

Gordon Creighton

UFOCAT URN 092043 Proceedings of the CUFOS Conference: 1976, 270 1976

UFOCAT URN 116451 HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, A1339, by D. Webb

No date

South America - Brazil

Navegantes Beach Latitude 26-54 S, Longitude 48-39 W (D-M)

Santa Catarina Latitude 27-00 S, Longitude 50-00 W [State/ADMD]

Florianopolis Latitude 27-35 S, Longitude 48-34 W

Reference: Brazil Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963

UFO Location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 26.85 S, Longitude 48.65 W (D.%)


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