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On the night of March 23/24, 1973, many people in the streets of La Guaira saw a UFO zigzagging from North to South, emitting great flashes of blue and pinkish light with each lateral lunge. It then became stationary over the Club Playa Azul (Blue Beach Club) for several minutes. The frightened witnesses thought at first that it was a comet or something similar. But, some fifteen minutes later, when it was out over the sea, at an estimated distance of 15 miles or so, they were able to see quite distinctly, so they claimed, despite the prevailing night mist, that the UFO was generating great waves on the surface.

This Reference Is The Original: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No. 1, January/February 1975, pp. 9-10, Underwater UFO Base Off Venezuela? By Gordon Creighton,


UFOCAT URN NONE Flying Saucer Review, January/February 1975, pp. 9-10,

Underwater UFO Base off Venezuela? By Gordon Creighton,

South America Venezuela

La Guaira Latitude 10-36 N, Longitude 66-56 W (D-M)

Reference: Venezuela Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., August 1961.


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