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Late January or early February

1178:   Date unknown (probably in late January or early February),1973 Many people saw several globular lights on different occasions in the sky over Piedmont, and around Clearwater Lake near Piedmont, Missouri, USA, at very low altitude. One object at least was seen to enter the waters of Clearwater Lake, and another was seen to emerge from it.        

Reference for the above text is: The UFO Register, by Data Research.
Original reference: Medford Mail-Tribune, 26.3.1973; and Understanding Magazine, vol.18, no: 5, 1973, p.14.       

UFOCAT PRN – 102998
[DOS: EE-??-1973]  
UFOCAT URN 102998 News clip March 26, 1973 (Medford Mail-Tribune – above)        

UFOCAT PRN – 102998 [DOS: WW-??-1973]
UFO Register by Delair Bernard, 1974, # 1178 © Contact International (UK)

North America – United States, Missouri, Wayne        
Piedmont                     Latitude 37-09-16 N, Longitude 90-41-44 W (D-M-S)  
Clearwater Lake           Latitude 37-08-06 N, Longitude 90-46-16 W  
Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990        

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