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Observations of unidentified submarine objects in Norway

by Ole Jonny Brænne

       Between November 12 and 22, 1972, an extensive search was conducted in the 1300-meter-deep Sogne fjord. Thirty Navy vessels, plus NATO forces, participated. The excitement began when the military received a report of a U-boat. The next day, the thirteenth, two witnesses watched an "aircraft like object" maneuver along the fjord. The same night four other witnesses observed a "bright object" on the water. On November 20, at 1 p.m., a U-boat was seen near Kyrkjebø just as it headed away from Mårenlandet toward the fjord's southern end. Fifteen minutes later it was seen by five police officers at Kvamsøy, a small island about 50 kilometers north of Kyrkjebø, Here frigates dropped mines on the object If these were two observations of the same object, we have a speed of 200 kph--a speed of which no known submarine is capable.                                                                                                                                     

This reference: INTERNATIONAL UFO Reporter, January/February 1995 pp. 12-13 & 17

       Ole Jonny Brcenne is associated with UFO-Norway, that nation's leading UFO-research group. An earlier article of his, "Legend of the Spitsbergen Saucer," appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of IUR.        

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Europe - Norway

Sogne fjord      Latitude 61-06 N, Longitude 5-10 E (D-M)

Kvamsøy          Latitude 62-13 N, Longitude 5-23 E

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963  

Kyrkjebø          Latitude 61-10-00 N, Longitude 5-55-0 E (D-M-S)

Mårenlandet    Latitude 61-08-60 N, Longitude 6-04-0 E [ Måren ]

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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