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This event originated on the night of the 23rd and into the early morning of the 24th. However the UFO going into the sea was probably the morning of the 24th although an ARPO article gives the date as the 25th. –CF-        

A Historical Survey of UFO Cases in Chile

by J. Antonio Huneeus


       A Police CE-1. Quite more dramatic was a CE-1 near Tocopilla, Antofagasta region, reported to and investigated by the police. This case is well documented; besides press accounts, I have obtained--courtesy of investigator Luis Riquelme of Orion--a copy of a report written and signed by a retired police colonel who was in active service at the time of the incident. Beginning around, 10 p.m. on the night of September 23, a stationary light over the ocean was seen by numerous witnesses in Tocopilla. One of them, who saw the object with binoculars, described it as artificially constructed, with intermittent lights and round windows like a ship's porthole. That was just the beginning. At 1:30 a.m. on September 24, two different truck drivers traveling from Antofagasta to Tocopilla came across a brightly lit object hovering on the coast.      

       The truck drivers rushed to the nearest police station in Tocopilla. Though skeptical at the beginning, a police van with a sergeant and two corporals was dispatched to "KM 33,” the site where the trucks had stopped to look at the UFO. The carabineros confirmed the UFO immediately and kept it under constant watch until 5:30 a.m.; they reported by radio its maneuvers to the Tocopilla "comiseria" (station). A report of the event was filed later with the Carabineros Northern Headquarters in Antofagasta. The police report informed:      

       "It was possible to confirm that at more or less 2 km. from the coast, such artifact remained totally lit, changing places at great speed…later on it came close to the beach of Caleta Buena…At a distance of 150 meters, it could be seen that the object had an approximate diameter of 20 meters, with a helicopter-like cabin totally lit and with sections like windows. It was approximately 30 meters above the sea level, being impossible to identify its origin." (Reference17) 

       The colonel's handwritten report to Orion, dated May 12, 1979, goes into still further details. The colonel reveals, for instance, that the sergeant walked towards the cliff armed with a rifle. "When he arrived to the place where he couldn't advance further (the edge of the cliff), the sergeant yelled toward the sea; not obtaining a response he made a series of shots towards the luminous object, states the second report. "Suddenly, this object moved extremely fast in the direction of the rocky cliff, arriving at a distance no more than 50 meters from the place where the police were." At that point continues the report, "the whole area became illuminated like at daytime." The document quoted also the description of one of the corporals, according to which the UFO was "a sort of rectangular building with many windows that could be seen clearly but with no one inside." The UFO then passed over the van and continued toward the mountains, where it "remained suspended in the air, throwing a light beam once in a while which would illuminate the area." (Reference 18)      

       Eventually, the UFO returned to the coast where, around 6:10 a.m., it was seen and reported by radio from the sea by Manuel Malatesta, captain of the fishing vessel "Martin Pescador." The ship was some 20 miles from the coast between Antofagasta and Iquique, when "a red ball" flew around it for several minutes. The ship's owners, Guanaye Fishing Co., issued a press release about the sighting. After the evolutions over the ship, stated the communiqué, "the unidentified body sank in the sea at a distance of more or less three miles from the ship. The phenomenon was observed by the entire crew." (Reference 19) 

       I have taken extra space to analyze this CE-1 because I think it is one of the catalog's best TRUFO candidates. The object was observed continuously by many geographically-independent witnesses for a period of about 8 hours. The close observations were made by three policemen. The colonel added also in his report to Orion that neither of the policemen had consumed a drop of alcohol. The case remained unsolved. It was appropriately titled by the newspaper La Tercera, "The OVNI with a 'Birth Certificate’ in the North."      

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This reference: The MUFON 1987 UFO Symposium Proceedings, pp. 191-192. “A Historical Survey of UFO Cases in Chile”, by J. Antonio Huneeus.

NOTE: Researcher Larry Hatch informs me “The name of the fishing boat was the ‘Martir Pescador’ (fisherman-martyr). It doesn’t look like a typo, but rather a religious-oriented name, typically Catholic, probably referring to some early Christian saint.”  

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South America - Chile, Antofagasta

Tocopilla           Latitude 22-05 S. Longitude 70-12 W (D-M)

Antofagasta     Latitude 23-39 S. Longitude 70-24 W

Caleta Buena   Latitude 19-53 S. Longitude 70-09 W

Iquique            Latitude 20-13 S. Longitude 70-10 W

Reference: Chile Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1967        

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 22.08 S. Longitude 70.16 W (D.%) [URN 92887]

                                      Latitude 22.95 S. Longitude 70.30W [URN 171083]

                                      Latitude 21.95 S. Longitude 70.37W [URN 092891 & 171085]         


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