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       In the London Daily Express, Sept. 11, 1922, it is said that, upon September 9th, John Morris, coxswain of the Barmouth (Wales) life boat, and William James, looking out at sea from the shore at Barmouth, saw what they thought was an aeroplane falling into the ocean. They rushed out in a motor boat but found nothing. In the Barmouth Advertiser of the 14th, it is said that this object had fallen so slowly that features described as features of an aeroplane had been seen. In newspapers and aeronautical journals of the time, there is no findable record of an aeroplane of this earth reported missing.                                                                                                             

This reference: The Complete Books of Charles Fort, pp. 638-639, © 1974, from Charles Fort’s book Lo ! © 1931.

Original reference: London Daily Express, Sept. 11, 1922

UFOCAT PRN – 11037
UFOCAT URN – NONE  London Daily Express, Sept. 11, 1922
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UFOCAT URN – NONE  The Complete Books of Charles Fort, pp. 638-639, © 1974 from Charles
                                       Fort’s book “Lo !” © 1931
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                                       of publication           

Europe - United Kingdom, Wales

Note: “looking out at sea” and “falling into the ocean” would be the Cardigan Bay.-CF-

Barmouth         Latitude 52-45-00 N, Longitude 4-04-00 W (D-M-S)

Cardigan Bay   Latitude 52-30-00 N, Longitude 4-25-00 W

Reference: http://gnswww.nga.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp            

UFO Location (UFOCAT) – Latitude 52.72 N, Longitude 4.05 W (D.%)


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