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04-??-1970 b

       In order to put this into some perspective, I will give you a little background. I joined the U.S. Coast Guard in February 1969 and by January of 1970 I found myself onboard a 378' High Endurance Cutter (U.S.C.G.C Mellon) in the Gulf of Siam off the coast of South Vietnam.

       It was around mid April that we were anchored approximately 4 miles off shore and the Captain authorized swim call. I can't really remember the depth that we were anchored in but I would have to say it was a couple of hundred feet deep. The time was late afternoon and I had the watch on the bridge. The normal operating procedures for this endeavor called for mounting a shark guard on the flying bridge, placing a cargo net over the side off of the fantail and putting a rubber raft in the water. The swimming party would then dive off of the main deck into the water and swim to the raft and climb back onto the ship using the cargo net.

       As I said before, while on duty on the bridge, I went out to the port bridge wing along with 7 or 8 other crewmen as well as the OOD and the ships Captain and the shark watch who was armed with an M-16 rifle. As we were watching the 20 or so crew members that were swimming our attention was drawn to a large object that slowly emerged moving directly under the ship and the swimming men. The object was basically nothing more then a dark shadow, elliptical shaped that was by our estimate approximately 90' in length and may 30' wide and appeared to be maybe 50' deep. It course took it directly under our ship and it was on a course perpendicular to the axis of our ship.

       The entire sighting lasted no more then 20 or 30 seconds and the men in the water had no idea that a large object cruised directly under them. We basically ruled out the possibility of a whale shark or whale because there was no gyration of tail or any other appendages visible. We did not alert the swimmers because we just didn't know what the object was. Because of the clear weather conditions, the angle of the sun and a slight chop to the water, we soon lost sight of the object and to this day, I have no idea what we saw on that day 30 years ago.

       In closing, after I got back to Honolulu, I left my ship to attend a couple of Class "A" schools at Pearl Harbor. The training classes lasted approximately 2 months. I was billeted at Ford Island very near the Arizona memorial. While there I made friends with a Navy Yeoman who was attached to FICPAC (Fleet Intelligence Central - Pacific). One day we were playing tennis and I mentioned to him about our sightings. His comment I found most interesting. He said "that's nothing! We receive thousands of reports like that just from U.S. Navy ships". He went on to say that there were all types of reports of objects taking off out of the water and flying directly in front of ships. He said that there were many reports of objects also flying into the water.       

This reference: Original. Initially an e-mail to this web site, with a follow-up of MUFON forms. Now on file with MUFON HQ.   

UFOCAT PRN – 193975 [DOS: 05-??-1970]

UFOCAT URN – 193975 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 09610 © 2002

UFOCAT URN – NONE    UFO Magazine ( UK ), June/July 1999 

South East Asia

Gulf of Siam (is now the Gulf of Thailand), off the coast of South Vietnam would be approximately – Latitude 8.75 N, Longitude 104.7 E (D.%)    

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 8.75 N, Longitude 106.53 E (D.%) [Con Son Island–URN 193975]


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