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       Diego Rivera (1886-1957), the most important Mexican muralist painter of the twentieth century, described an interesting sighting that he had in August 1921. During a sea voyage from Hamburg to Mexico with his friend David Alfaro, “an incident occurred that left a deep impression on me. It was a brilliant red sphere that suddenly came out of the sea and, after flying silently above us, settled on a distant bank of greenish white clouds.” Rivera added no more information about his observation in his autobiographical notes.                                                                     

This reference: “El extraordinario encuentro de Diego Rivera” by Miguel Roberto Forero García, Enigmas, núm. 33, p.24-29 (c.1999)   

Note by researcher Chris Aubeck: I have not been able to find any other reference to this case, and the author of the article, Miguel Roberto Forero García, is equally untraceable. The editors of the magazine where the story was published have told me they do not remember who Forero García was (and one even hinted that it was probably a pseudonym).

With thanks to Chris Aubeck for bringing this to my attention. Translations and notes © Chris Aubeck 2001   

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Location: Unspecified. Between Hamburg, Germany and Mexico.       


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