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Location: Ossipee, NH 

Description: The prime witness was fishing in a boat and heard a splash behind him. As he swung around to investigate he looked up to see a silver object about 30 ft. in diameter about 300 ft. above him, which rose to about 3000 feet and hovered.          

Reference for the above text is:UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors by Raymond Fowler, p. 339, © 1974          


Dear Mr. Fowler                                                                                                11-3-69

       The following is a short account of the basic elements of the UFO report we discussed.
Several weeks ago I heard that [Witnesses Name and Phone number] of Lindfield, Mass. Had reported seeing a UFO while fishing on Duck Pond near Ossipee, N.H. [Witness] has a summer home near Duck Pond). Witnesses Name is reported to have been quite impressed and “scared” by very reliable and reputable persons who know him and trust him completely. Also [Witnesses Name] reported that apparently the same UFO as he saw was reported to Conway (SP?) Radio station WBNC at the time of his sighting. In a phone conversation with Bill Clapp (phone #), a news caster at WBNC I confirmed this and Clapp told me that a local weatherman [Name & Phone #] had definitely seen the UFO and thought it to be perhaps a cosmic ray research balloon. I interviewed [Witness Name] by phone and his report follows:           

[Witness Name] was fishing alone at 7:00 a.m. (E.D.T.) on July 4, 1969 on the west end of Duck Pond (fishing was good) when he heard an abnormally large splash behind him. He turned and saw the splash are less than 100 ft. from him then looked up and saw 20 to 30 ft ea.(sp?) “diameter”, shiny metallic appearing UFO almost straight above him and going up “rather fast”. The water in Duck Pond is clear but mud was brought to the surface at splash and [Witness Name] said he heard humming sound like defective electric motor. Birds on shore became quite and fish stopped biting. UFO was hundreds not thousands of feet up when first sighted then continued on up quickly to considerable altitude (1 & thousands of feet) and stopped and remained stationary.         

       Despite slight breeze [Witness Name] said thing seemed to be completely stationary far above him. After ½ to ¾ hr. he went to his summer home 1½ miles away and woke wife and she saw the UFO too. From location of summer home with wife [Witness Name] marked position of UFO relative to tree branches and after 15 minutes it didn’t move. Then while they not watching it went away some how. When high in air UFO looked like shiny metal ball, when closest to [Witness Name] was shiny with “oval” cross section. [Witness Name] assumed UFO dropped something into lake. When UFO no longer visible at cabin, Mrs. [Witness Name] went to [Witness Name] brothers camp where she was told of WBNC radio account minutes earlier. [Witness Name] observed UFO to North generally of his summer home.    

If UFO were stationary for 1 hr. stop over Duck Pond and North of [Witness Name] cabin and also seen by [Weatherman Name] at Conway during same period (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.?) then triangulation may be interesting. [Witness Name] said lake is 13 ft. ea.? deep where he fishing with 6 to 8 ft. of muck bot. I know lake has also sand bottom in some places and maly
[sic – mainly?] 35 ft. deep (reported to me by skin diver familiar with Duck Pond. I think it is possible that UFO came out of water.          
                                                                                    Yours Truly      
                                                                                    NICAP Investigator’s name & address 

Reference for the above text is:Letter by NICAP Investigator to Raymond Fowler dated November 03, 1969      

UFOCAT PRN – 78930          
UFOCAT URN – 078930 Raymond Fowler Investigation files. On site investigation Dec. 23, 1969       
UFOCAT URN – 079088 UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors by Raymond Fowler, p. 356, © 1979    
UFOCAT URN – 166358 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 08900 © 2002         

North America - United States, New Hampshire         
Ossipee            Latitude 43-41-07 N, Longitude 71-07-00 W (D-M-S) 
Lindfield, MA    
Unable to locate –CF-  
Duck Pond        Latitude 43-48-23 N, Longitude 71-06-58 W  
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.           


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