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Place: Vermilion, Ohio 
Into: Lake Erie
Time: P.M.       
General Description: "Plane crash"; "fireball"  

Behavior: "Plane" skidded along water until flames disappeared; no sound; smell of diesel oil (?)    
Witnesses: three persons (including two boys)          

Reference for the above text is: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 228, © 1970           

VERMILLION on the Lake – 11/24/68

    The Coast Guard launched. a search for a planewhich apparently had crashed into the Lake.A Coast Guard spokesman said three persons reported seeing what appeared to be a plane on fire; crash into the lake and then skid along the water before the flames were extinguished.           
   The searc
h was concentrated in an area about a mile east of the Vermilion River and a half mile off shore. A helicopter was dispatched from Detroit; and the ship came from Sandusky. They were to arrive on the scene at about 11 PM, 2 hours after the sighting        
   The first report came over WG
AR Radio in Cleveland at 9PM. According to that newscast, the fiery object seemed to travel “in an arc”. It hit the water and skidded along and then extinguished. Later it was referred to as fireball”. The arc was also referred to as a curved path acrossthe sky.”          

   The editor was fortunate to see two of the observers on TV during the 12 P M news over Ch 8 or 3. They described it as a fireball. They mentioned no skipping action, just that it hit the water and extinguished. A smelllike diesel oil was detected
by them. To the best of mv recollection,their names were John Barbor and Jim Bass. They were about, 10-12 years old.

   No sound was heard by any 0bserver reporting    

   Nosound at only half mile distance. Flaming plane crashes and no sound. Distances and sizes are deceiving at night. The object may have been a flare or other like device witch actually seemed larger than it was. That also would explain the lack of sound        

(Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer-11/25/68… Radio and TV out of Cleveland: Ohio)       

Original Reference above: Cleveland Plain Dealer, 25 November 1968; FSIC Bulletin, Dec. 1968, p. 2.       

UFOCAT PRN – 76817          
UFOCAT URN – NONE Cleveland Plain Dealer, 25 November 1968      
UFOCAT URN – NONE FSIC Bulletin, December 1968, p. 2      
UFOCAT URN – 76817 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 228, © 1970       

UFOCAT PRN – 49187          
UFOCAT URN – 49187 Special Report on 1969 Cases by Patrick Huyghe, 893. No © date       

North America – United States, Ohio, Multiple counties          
Vermilion           Latitude 41-25-19 N, Longitude 082-21-53 W (D-M-S) [populated place]     
Lake Erie           Latitude 41-58-24 N, Longitude 081-18-11 W [lake] 
Vermilion River  Latitude 41-25-37 N, Longitude 082-21-51 W [stream]        
Sandusky          Latitude 41-26-56 N, Longitude 082-42-29 W [populated place]       
Cleveland          Latitude 41-29-58 N, Longitude 081-41-43 W [populated place]       
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

North America – United States, Michigan, Wayne       
Detroit Latitude 42-19-53 N, Longitude 083-02-45 W (D-M-S)[populated place]        
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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