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27 August 1917

Witnesses: Neriku Calleja and Captain Stewart

Location: Outside Grand Harbour, Malta

Object: "White Cloud"

Sound: None   

       Notes: "We had just left the Grand Harbour when a large wave rocked the ship. The captain became angry and asked me if I knew what I was doing. He was right to be angry because I was guiding the ship and he must have thought I was a little drunk. I told him that I was sure that there weren't any reefs (sandbars?) in this area. When he came out to look, he saw a "white cloud" coming out of the sea. It was as if the water was being drawn up to it and, when the water fell back, there were splashes. The "cloud" rose slowly, but as soon as it left the water completely, it shot up like lightning and we never saw it again."

       Story translated from Maltese from the personal account of an 80 year old man who remembered his father telling this story.                                                                                

This reference: From the website: http://www.mufor.org  (Note: MUFOR stands for “Malta UFO Research”)

Original reference: "UFOs fuq iI-Gzejjer Maltin" by David Pace   


Mediterranean Sea - Malta

Grand Harbour - Latitude 35-54 N, Longitude 14-31 E (D-M)

Reference: Malta Gazetteer, U.S. Army Topographic Command, Washington, D.C., November 1971


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