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       One of the most recent cases of UFO observations with marine implications occurred July 11, 1968. On that day, Sr. Raul L Benitez and his son Ricardo were driving at 15 minutes past midnight, after having stopped to eat supper at a downtown restaurant in Mar del Plata. As they were driving along on Maritimo Boulevard on arriving at Duro Avenue, Ricardo -- who was looking at the ocean -- noticed a luminosity approaching at a high rate of speed from the sky. He pointed it out to his father, who stopped the auto in order to observe the phenomenon in greater detail but, since it was hidden by the pier and the Altamar pastry shop, they returned to their vehicle and drove back toward Belgrano street, where they again observed it. It remained stationary, emitting a brilliant luminosity. At that point they observed a second luminous object approach from the south arriving rapidly at the place where the first object was located. There it remained stationary for a few minutes. Then, together, both objects began an extremely rapid flight away to the north and were lost from sight. The Benitez men left immediately toward La Perla (a little farther to the north) then stopped 100 meters beyond the monument to Alfonsina Storni, where the two lights were observed making strange evolutions. They stopped, then moved on, retracing the route from the north and then approached the coast. There, they could clearly see that the lights had a disc shape with a diameter comparable to a full moon. These objects appeared to be rotating around an axis while emitting reddish and blue-violet light. Their speeds were at times greater than that of a jet airplane.

       One of the objects descended and submerged into the sea, while the other object remained in the air at a low altitude, after which it suddenly disappeared as if it had extinguished its lights.

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                                        Operating from underwater bases off the coast of Argentina” by

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South America – Argentina, Buenos Aires

Mar del Plata                Latitude 38-02 S, Longitude 57-33 W (D-M)

La Perla, Beach            Latitude 37-59 S, Longitude 57-33 W

Reference: Argentina gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., February 1968.    

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 38.02 S, Longitude 57.52 W (D.%)

                                      Latitude 38.00 S, Longitude 57.55 W [URN 170887]


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