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A large number of "USOs" have been seen in the Santa Monica Bay and Santa Catalina

Note: Although in this case the UFO does not apparently interact with the snow, it does show that the UFO had not landed (no marks in the snow), so this is also of value in determining the UFOs height in an obscure viewing situation.-CF-      

Mysterious Unidentified Object Sighted in South Country  

.......Wilfred Tremblay and his wife are careful to avoid the term "Flying Saucer" or "Spaceship" when, they try to describe what they saw near their house recently, but the object they saw seems to defy any natural explanation. Whatever they saw, in any event, has had a lot of people around the county talking about flying saucers and without doubt has caused them to be a little more watchful at night in hopes of spotting the "object" once again.

       The story all began a week ago Monday night Jan. 9. The Tremblays, who farm in the south country about 40 miles south of Malta, were preparing to go to bed shortly after nine o'clock when they were warned of something strange going on by the barking of their dog.

       Wilfred, who was sitting on the edge of his bed, looked out the east window of their home and immediately saw what seemed to be causing the dog to be alarmed. It was a large object, rectangular in shape, with glowing red light all along the bottom and a larger amber light at the top, evidently toward the forward portion of the object in the direction it was moving. It was moving steadily from north to east, evidently at a high 'rate of speed.

       At first Tremblay believed it was a semi-trailer rig moving down the main graded road, which runs in the same general direction, but the object covered the three or four mile stretch in less than a minute . . . without any visible headlights!

       Also the direction it seemed to be travelling (sic) didn't exactly coincide with the direction of the road. It was very dark and quiet that night and normally sounds of trucks and other vehicles on the road are clearly audible. The road is several miles east of Tremblay's house. The Tremblays didn't hear a sound!

       In the short time the object was in sight it was difficult to determine exactly how far away the object was as they didn't know its size.

       In less than a minute the "thing" traveled the eastern portion of the visible horizon, disappeared momentarily, arid reappeared in a southeasterly direction from the house. It had stopped and appeared to be standing in a field near the Bruce Long place, which is only a short distance southeast of Tremblays, now appearing as only a red glowing object and not nearly as long as when it, was first sighted in the east. This led Tremblays to believe that they were now watching the object from either the front or the rear.

       The object stayed in the same place for about an hour. During this time Tremblays viewed it through binoculars and were still unable to determine its size or shape, the red glow being the distinguishing feature.

       After watching it for about an hour the Tremblays say the red object suddenly began to get smaller, as if it were moving away at a high rate of speed, and suddenly it disappeared completely.

       During all this  time the object had been viewed by Wilfred Tremblay, his wife and two children. They admit they were a little frightened by the unknown object. They debated among themselves as to whether they should leave the house and investigate, but decided against it. The Bruce Longs were not at home at the time and the Tremblays were watching out for their place. The next morning Wilfred lined up from his house the area where the object had stayed for an extended time and pinned the area down to a field east of the Long home and west of the main graded road. He checked this whole area over carefully and found no tracks in the snow whatsoever, and no other evidence of any kind that there had been anything in the area. "There were no tracks, no signs, nothing," according to Wilfred.       

What Was It ?

       Mr. and Mrs. Tremblay, when they talked with the News reporter Tuesday afternoon, still hadn't any idea as to what they had seen. They said they had thought about nearly everything conceivable that it could have been, but some aspect of each possibility ruled out what they had seen.

       Wilfred states that he didn't realize how excited people would get over the happening, but "if I had to do it over again I still wouldn't go out and investigate the thing when it was parked, not at night at least . . . maybe in the daytime."

       One of the aspects of the sighting that makes it hard to determine what it was, is the fact that it was so dark that night and the horizon was not definite. Whether the object was traveling on the ground or not when first sighted traveling to the south is hard to determine. The speed with which it was traveling, and the fact that there' were no headlights of any kind, seem to rule out any type of land traveling vehicle. Not knowing exactly how far away the object was makes it hard to determine its size. The Tremblays stated that when they watched it through the binoculars after it landed, it "took up a good part of the field of view through the glasses."

       The Tremblays’ two children at home, Karen, 9, and George, 13, were quite excited by the whole affair. Wilfred says that George was inclined to go out and investigate the object after it became stationary, but his father vetoed the idea. "We had recently seen a television interview with people who had said they had come in close contact with a flying saucer of some sort, and it left just about enough doubt in our minds that we didn't think it was too wise to check it .out very closely."

       The Tremblays have 'already come in for some kidding from their neighbors about the episode, but Wilfred says he has dished out some joshing in his time and he guesses it is his turn to be on the receiving end for awhile.

       It's hard to say what the object was that the Tremblays saw that dark winter night, but the News writer is convinced they saw something, just what we don't know, but they saw something that is very tough to try to explain as an ordinary happening.                                                     

This reference: News clip from the “Phillips County News” issued Thursday January19, 1967

With Thanks to THE J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/ for providing the copy.     

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North America – United States, Montana

Malta    Latitude 48-21-35 N, Longitude 107-52-25 W (D-M-S) [Malta-East]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_query.gnis_web_query_form  


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