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From the files of Blue Book – Air Force documents      

Department of the Air Force, 72nd Bombardment Wing (SAC), APO New York 09845

Subject: UFO                            Dated 1 May 1967

To: Foreign Technology Division, Air Force Systems Command, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

In accordance with the provisions of AFR 200-2, Paragraph 3, the following report is submitted on the subject sighting:

a. Description of Object:

       (1) Disc shaped object with two distinct levels (upper & lower deck). (2) Length of a   KC-

            135  [this is basically a 707 transport –CF-]. (3) Very bright – brilliant white. (4)

            One object. (6) Two level appearance – reddish looking band slightly above the


b. Description of Course of Object:

       (2) Zero (0°) as the object appeared to be floating on the water. [This is an obvious

            reference to the angle above the horizon that the object was seen at – CF-].

       (3) Forty five (45°). [This might be a reference to the departure angle – CF-]. (4)

            Object appeared to be floating or hovering just above the water and traveled a short

            distance from left to right and back. It then began to rise from the water traveling

            from right to left. At this time the picture was taken. Object then reversed its’ flight

            path and disappeared from view. (5) Object disappeared to the northeast. (6)

            Approximately five minutes [referring to length of sighting –CF-]

c. Manner of Observation:

       (1) Ground visual.

d. Time and Date of Sighting:

       (1) 16/1000Z – 1100Z (Approximately) – [April 16th between 10am and 11am GMT-


e. Location of Observer:

        Beach – Northeast corner of Ramey Air Force Base.

f. Identifying Information of Observer:

        (2) [Names blacked out]

g. Weather and Winds – Aloft Conditions at time and place of Sightings:

       [Omitted here for space]

k. Robert D. Williamson, Captain, USAF, Chief, Combat Intelligence Branch, 72d Bomb Wing (SAC). Comments: It is the opinion of the preparing officer that Airman Padilla and Henry are reliable and stable individuals. They are not the publicity seeking type. Airman Padilla was particularly concerned that the other people would think him a “Nut” if his sighting became public. After having discussed this sighting with other members of the Intelligence Division and letting the Prediction and Interpretation Section examine the 35 mm slide, this seems to be a creditable sighting incident.

       (1) One (1) 35 mm color slide taken by Airman Padilla.

Signed: Robert D. Williamson, Captain, USAF, UFO Representative, Intelligence Division.      

This reference: USAF documents from Project Blue Book. Information Only Cases (No BB Index Card)  

UFOCAT PRN – 58093

UFOCAT URN – 58093 Project Grudge/Blue Book Special reports 1-12

UFOCAT URN – 61912 J. Allen Hynek Investigation Files

UFOCAT URN – NONE  Project Blue Book (On Photo) edited by Brad Steiger, © 1976.           

Central America - Puerto Rico, Aguadilla. Body of water is the Caribbean Sea.

Beach – Northeast corner of Ramey Air Force Base.

Punta Agujereada        Latitude 18-31 N, Longitude 67-08 W (D-M) [a point on the northeast corner of Ramey Air Force Base]

Reference: Gazetteer No. 38, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and Other Islands and Banks in the Caribbean, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1958.          

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 18.45 N, Longitude 67.20 W (D.%) [URN 58093]

                                      Latitude 18.48 N, Longitude 67.18 W  [URN 61912] 


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